Best Lacrosse Head

With the new lacrosse season right around the corner the team and I thought we would try out the strongest heads on the market at the moment. After some deliberation we settled on testing the Warrior Rabil X, Easton Stealth Core, Maverik Metrik, Maverik Optic, Brine Clutch Elite and the Gait Torque. Given that these are some of the best offensive, defensive and all-round heads available currently we tested them over the course of several matches indoors and outdoors in varying conditions ranging from hot and sunny conditions to more wet, cold and brutal ones. As would be expected they all performed admirably, however some really shone and performed exceptionally well in some of the conditions and also some are better suited to offensive or defensive positions.

Warrior Rabil X-spec Review

92 %

The Warrior Rabil X-spec head is a real stunningly good all-round head. The minimalist look and dual shot moulded side-walls allow for a great choice of multiple colours in the one head. This level of customisability warrior x rabilresults in a great looking head that is really tailored to your own personal preferences. The in-set logo also varies depending on what colour you choose too which is a really nice feature and does add to the overall quality feel that you get from this head.  Weighing in at around 4.8oz it’s lighter than its predecessor  making it easier to use for offensive positions and plays while remaining durable enough to stop fast shots while in a defensive position. As far as stringing goes, this head is really easy and accommodating.

It has a great number of side-wall holes and nice big, double-wide top holes work spectacularly with a double triangle set-up but still allow you to change your stringing configuration depending on your preferences and play-style. This head features a very nice deep pinch and aggressive flair to enable you to make extremely powerful and accurate shots when needed. This coupled with the maximum truoffset technology results in an ability to achieve great shot velocity and accuracy and doesn’t appear to warp or hourglass when you’re on the defensive either. Works well with a mid to mid-high pocket and a perfect fit if you’re playing in an offensive or midfield position. This head performs well in wet and cold conditions as its toughness and durability mean it’s far less likely to crack or break than some other heads.

All in all this is a really great X-spec, universally legal head ideally suited to everyone from beginners to professionals with a great deal of customisable options and fantastic all-round performance.

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Easton Stealth Core Review

85 %

The Easton Stealth Core is an incredibly interesting universally legal head with a ton of new cutting-edge features easton stealthyou’re not likely to find on other heads. At 5.3oz this head manages to maintain a light-weight feel while still having the durability required to maintain performance and integrity when in use in a defensive position. This is a nice clean looking head, one diagonal cross-bar on the side-wall gives this a sleek, professional look. Easton’s patented Reflex Technology is what really makes this head stand out from the crowd. This technology enables the player to adjust the tilt of the head in-game in order to fine-tune it to exactly what the player desires during the course of the match. This extraordinary level of customisation allows for a far superior experience and allows you to really hone your skills and adjust your shots and catches during play.

There are a multitude of side-wall holes big top holes that allow this head to be strung with ease and accommodate numerous styles. Whether you prefer traditional stringing or mesh this head will allow you to very quickly string in any style you require. This head is much stiffer than you might think from looking at it and as such works exceptionally well as a defensive head, however with the deep pinch and nice flair of the top this head doesn’t compromise on accuracy either.

This piece of kit has an impressive durability as well, it stood up well to multiple games and I would expect it to last a few seasons before you get any noticeable signs of hour-glassing or warp. This head works well in all conditions but seems to be best suited to play during dry weather. This is a great head if you’re a defensive player or a player that occasionally has to switch from a defensive to an offensive position. If you’re looking for a solid head that can be fine-tuned to meet your exacting standards then this might be the one for you!

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Maverik Metrik Review

90 %

The Maverik Metrik is a good, solid, NFHS spec, all-round head with a good shape and impressive durability. maverik metrikMade entirely in the USA and available in a variety of colours to suit your tastes this is a very impressive piece of kit. Weighing around 5.2oz this head is a good mix of light-weight design combined with impressive rigidity and durability. This head features a fantastic 3 strut design that enables it to remain light-weight while still maintaining a good degree of the stiffness that is so important for defensive play. The true form technology in the Maverik enables the head to maintain its shape even after hard checks and as such makes for great defensive performance.

The nice, smooth flair and narrow neck ensure maximum ball control during use and provides great power and accuracy capabilities. This  head has a huge amount of side-wall holes coupled with four large top holes to make stringing a breeze. There are also four large holes at the base which are big enough for leathers if they are your preference. The durability and toughness of this head mean that it is well suited to use during cold and wet conditions and performs extremely well. Even after a few games this head doesn’t appear to be taking much damage in the way of wear and tear or warp and should last a decent number of matches.

This is a great all-round head with an impressive defensive capability and would be ideal for people playing in  mid-field. With  a good pinch and impressive construction I would recommend this head to anyone from beginners to more advanced players looking for a solid all-round head.

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Maverik Optik Review

98 %

The Optik is a relatively new offering from Maverik and like its predecessor the Metrik it is entirely made in the USA. Designed to be as light-weight as possible while still providing a great amount of power and precision, the Optik is a great new addition to the Maverik line. As with its predecessor the Optik is available in a variety of colours for you to pick and choose from and features a sleek two strut lacrosse head

This head has a nice thin neck, deep pinch and a decent flair resulting in a stunning offensive capability. One great feature of this head is that during manufacturing excess plastic is shaved off the inner side-walls resulting in an exceptionally low weight of 4.5oz without sacrificing any strength. The head is also nicely pointed and  extended making it easy and quick to scoop up any ground balls.

The Optik also features a great deal of side-wall holes and six nicely spaced top holes making stringing pretty easy regardless of what set-up  you prefer. The level 2 bottom rail of this head means that it will work perfectly with a mid-low pocket set-up making it well defined  and rigid. With good stiffness in the throat and a little flexibility towards the tip this head will work in either defensive or offensive positions. Impressively durable, this head performed well in cold and wet conditions, it has great strength and warp resistance.

This head has a good all-round capability with a slightly more offensive slant than its predecessor and as such would be a perfect choice for an offensive midfielder or attacker. I would recommend this for any aggressive player that are looking for a good all-round light-weight and durable head that handles ground balls exceptionally well and doesn’t compromise on power. In our testing, we found this to be the strongest lacrosse head on the market.

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Brine Clutch Elite Review

87 %

The Brine Clutch Elite is the new re-imagining by Brine of their old classic Clutch head with numerous brine clutchimprovements and structural tweaks over its predecessor. First off it’s a really nice, light-weight durable head that’s available in a wide range of colour options to suit the player’s preference and available in HS or X-spec depending on your needs. At a tiny 4.3oz (for the X-spec) it has got to be one of the lightest heads available on the market right now. This impressively low weight is made possible through the Core Tech technology that this head utilises. This means that during manufacturing Brine bore out and reinforce specific sections of the head thereby not only shedding excess weight but also increasing stiffness in those desired locations.

This results in a fantastically light head that is still tough and rigid enough to stand up to the most demanding match. In addition the bored side-walls help to protect your side-wall strings resulting in a greatly reduced amount of fraying thereby leading to a much extended string life. The Clutch Elite has a good number of side-wall holes and six top-wall holes making stringing this bad boy up a piece of cake. The shape of this head with its large aggressive flair and narrow throat make it perfect for a mid-high pocket and provides truly exceptional whip and stunning power. The narrow throat also provides great ball control when travelling and great offensive performance. The Clutch Elite is much more durable than its predecessors and appears to be extremely resistant to warping and doesn’t seem to show any signs of wear and tear yet.

It stands up to wet and cold weather just fine, with no problems and performs equally well in dry conditions. I would recommend this head for any offensive midfielder or attacker that’s looking for an exceptionally light-weight, versatile and durable upgrade to  their current set-up.

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Gait Torque Lacrosse Head Review

95 %

Of course you couldn’t test new heads without referencing the classic legendary Gait Torque! It has been an gait torqueexceptionally popular head for a very long time and certainly not without good reason. The Gait Torque is a NFHS-spec head with a sleek, stream-lined  appearance and a good minimalist design. At a mere 4.5oz it’s a real light-weight aggressive head with a good flair and pointed tip resulting in exceptional shot power and accuracy. The Torque has more stringing holes than you could ever need even for the most complex set-up.

Featuring 16 side-wall and 10 top-wall holes you’ll never find yourself looking for a hole while you’re stringing this puppy, it just makes it as easy as pie. The deep ‘V’ scoop of this head makes picking up ground balls easy and effortless and results in pin-point precision and exceptional power when shooting. The flared side-walls and tight pocket ensure you maintain exceptional control over the ball without having it stick when shooting. The shape of the Torque makes it suitable for any style of pocket you wish to use without compromising performance. This head preforms well not only in in wet conditions but also exceptionally well indoors.

The Gait Torque is renowned for its durability and in my experience that reputation is well deserved, I see no signs of warping or hour-glassing and it has held up well. I would seriously recommend this head for any attacker looking for a really good aggressive head with exceptional ball control and great shot accuracy. This makes a great head for anybody right from beginner level all the way up to professional players.

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All in all which is the greatest really depends on personal preference, play-style and position. The Gait Torque is the classic aggressor’s choice but the big plays from the light-weight Brine Clutch Elite certainly make a good alternative. With the impressive specs of the Optik and Maverik, the design features of the Warrior Rabil and the cutting-edge technology of the Easton Stealth Core one thing is certain, pick one of these stunning heads and you can’t go wrong, and you will only see your game improve.