Squash was born a long time ago in the Old England and since then it develops dynamically and wins the hearts of millions of athletes and spectators. Today squash is one of the most prestigious and popular sports and it is likely that very soon in will be a part of the Olympic Games program. The squash is a racquet game and kind of sport along with great tennis and badminton. It’s possible to play one on one or two on two. The court with four walls and a rubber ball of 40mm in diameter are needed for the game. The squash is played only indoors and this is a plus, as there is not a need to adjust to the weather.


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The first mention of the squash is found in the far XVI century. During the Renaissance in France, the children played in something similar to squash, beating the ball off the walls in the narrow alleys of the city. French monks played a similar game, they only beat off the ball with ribbed gloves, and instead of the wall, they stretched a fishing net. The squash received a subsequent development in the English debt Fleet Prison. The prisoners hit the ball against the walls, without tossing through a net, like in tennis. Later, the game has gained popularity in the English Harrow School, where the first courts were built, and the balls were made of rubber. Children cut off handles of rackets to make it more convenient to play. By the beginning of the XX century, all the schools and clubs of England have already played squash.


There existed even private courts, but the clear standards of the game at that time did not exist. In 1907, the Tennis, Rackets & Fives Association called a meeting where the standards and the general rules of squash have been established. The First Squash Association, which was responsible for the standards of the game in the UK, was established in 1928. And soon after that, the game has gained popularity in Canada, America and all over the world. Due to the prevalence of the game in 1969, Squash Association ceased to exist.

Then has appeared the International Squash Federation with seven founding members: New Zealand, England, South Africa, Australia, Egypt, Pakistan, and India. Later, many other countries have acceded to it. Since the invention of the glass rear wall, the game has changed dramatically.

Due to this, mush more viewers could enjoy the game, and it certainly benefited club owners. The model of courts with a transparent rear wall was called a “goldfish” and allowed three thousand spectators to watch the game battle.

The game of squash, like no other sport, requires intense energy expenditure, which is 2-3 times higher than energy costs in tennis. Precisely because of this, a positive impact on the cardiorespiratory function of the human body can be attributed to the benefits of squash. The game develops endurance and coordination. Therefore, squash is a game for those who want to relax actively, lose weight or just enjoy the game!


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