My name is Lewis and I’m a former professional badminton player, turned coach. I’m also an avid sports lover, which I tend to dedicate the most of my time to nowadays.

I decided to create theSportBriefing to help educate amateur and professionals players across many sports. I’ve alwys enjoyed using my knowledge to help people further their game. On this site, you’ll find in depth strategy guides, hundreds of reviews and plentiful explanations of a wide range of sports.

One problem I face during searches some time ago, was the lack of impartial reviews on sporting goods, like rackets, bats, clubs, gloves, trainers and various other tools. Thus, I came up with the idea of this website. All of the reviews on this website have been tested by a group of players lending their expertise and knowledge of the games. We tend to collect data from amateur players too, therefore giving a wide range of options for buyers.

If you have any questions or queries to ask me, I’ll always be willing to answer. Check out the contact page to find a form that you can submit your questions with. I aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours. I would love to know everyone’s feedback.