AmeriBag X-Small Microfiber Healthy Back Bag Tote

Price: $70.00


Product Description

Healthy Back Bag

Why carry the same old backpack that lags in the style department and weighs you down? The Healthy Back bag from AmeriBag has nothing but your best interests in mind! Its unique pear shape has been ergonomically designed to ease the load. Its adjustable strap allows over-the-shoulder or cross-body wear to help keep your back pain-free. With all the pockets inside, you’ll stay organized while looking and feeling great.

From the Manufacturer

AmeriBag, a leader in the handbag industry for over 20 years, is renowned worldwide for its patented Healthy Back Bag tote. Its trademarked teardrop shape contours to the natural curve of your body, reducing apparent stress on your neck, back and shoulders, making it an exceptionally comfortable bag. All of AmeriBag’s Collections incorporate innovative ergonomic designs, multiple organizational features and quality materials.

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