Artist Paint Brushes – F – Quality Black Tip, Golden Nylon, Long Handle, Flat Paint Brush Set – Ideal for Watercolor Painting and Gouache Painting, and Equally Useful for Acrylic and Oil Painting

Price: $29.97

How to Create Your Own Masterpiece with the Best Tools for the Job
Feel just Like a Professional Artist and Enjoy Outstanding Results
* – These High Quality Long Handle, Golden Synthetic Brushes have a Luxurious Feel making them Easy to Use
* – The Natural Characteristics of the Golden Nylon Hair Offer Excellent Liquid Holding Capacity that results in an Easy, Smooth Flow of Paint.
* – The Polished Handles are made from Birch Wood and the Ferrules are Made from High Grade Brass
* – The New Design Flat Head is a Durable Combination of High Grade, Black Tipped, Golden Nylon Hair, making it the Perfect Tool for all Artists

These Quality Artist’s Brushes are designed to meet the requirements of both amateur and professional alike and their luxurious feel, resilience and softness make them the perfect tool for Watercolor and Gouache Painting projects and can be equally useful for Acrylic and Oil Painting. The set comes with a SPECIAL BONUS and Website with further Tips on how to get the best from your valuable paint brushes
* – Enhance Your Painting Pleasure and Your Future Works of Art
* – Invest in Real Quality Tools – Get Your Magic Touches Round, Pointed Artists Brushes Today


This Top Quality Artists Paint Brush Set comes with a Special Bonus of the following Digital eBooks entitled: “CANVAS PAINTING 101” – “PENCIL DRAWING – A BEGINNER’S GUIDE” and ” INTRODUCTION TO OIL PAINTING”, all ready to download after purchase. – Details on the Artist’s Brush Package
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THE NATURAL CHARACTERISTICS of the Golden Synthetic Bristles Offer Excellent Liquid Holding Capacity that results in an Easy, Consistent Smooth Flow of Paint.
JUST THE RIGHT BALANCE. The Well Balanced, Polished Birch Wood, Long Handles Have a Luxurious Feel and are Easy and Delightful to Use.
THE SECURE FERRULES ARE MADE FROM HIGH GRADE BRASS, Ensuring No Hair Loss or Wobble and Providing Years of Excellent, Reliable Service.
THESE FLAT HEAD ARTIST BRUSHES COME IN IDEAL SIZES: #0, #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, #14, #16, providing a Good Range of Brush Strokes and Techniques to Produce Your Work of Art.

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