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(as of Jun 25,2021 00:41:01 UTC – Details)

SERVE: Our testing team found that Autopilot was capable of consistently producing short (low-to-medium spin) serves that would land just beyond the net. These serves immediately place your opponent on defense and allow you to dictate the play of the point.

TOPSPIN: Autopilot produces a surprisingly good amount of topspin. This table tennis rubber is very good at generating topspin on balls that reach over the edge the table.

LOOPING: Autopilot is excellent when it comes to looping. Additionally, this rubber is great for players that are not 100% confident in their looping skills because it was developed to have a slower return speed. This, in turn, this keeps the ball in play much more consistently. Our team recommended this rubber for players that loop close to the table.

PUSH: Autopilot makes it easy to dictate the placement of the ball when pushing. While players may not produce ridiculous spin from their pushes when using Autopilot, they will produce a reasonable amount of spin with increased consistency and accuracy.

CHOP: Autopilot is easily one of the best chopping rubbers that CounterStrike Table Tennis has to offer. Because Autopilot was created to increase the dwell time of the ball, it is able to produce quality spin.

BLOCK: Blocking is where Autopilot shines as a rubber. Developed to reduce the ball speed of one’s opponent as well as increase ball placement consistency, keeping the ball in play via blocks can be achieved with relative ease.

FLAT HIT: Our testers found that Autopilot is surprisingly proficient at flat hits. This is especially the case with flat smashes. We found that the faster the strike on the ball, the more accurate the placement.

FLICK: Flicks were exceedingly consistent due to the slower speed of the rubber. This means players can easily keep the ball in play even on their most wicked of backhand flicks.

Product Dimensions‏:‎6.5 x 6.25 x 0.08 inches; 2.19 Ounces
Date First Available‏:‎March 23, 2021
Manufacturer‏:‎CounterStrike Table Tennis

SPIN: 72
PUT YOUR TABLE TENNIS GAME ON AUTOPILOT | Looking to return every single opponent smash back on the table and do it with incredible SPIN and CONTROL!? Look no further than Autopilot! | This is also the perfect rubber for Beginner to Beginner+ players that want to work on their shot consistency and form.
Put your table tennis game on Autopilot! Say hello to the precision rubber of your dreams. Developed with accuracy and consistency in mind, Autopilot will allow you to force an unprecedented amount of consistency from your opponent. Autopilot’s soft sponge was developed to absorb your opponent’s attacks, allowing you to counter with substantial ease and precision. Autopilot is simply elite when it comes to chopping.

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