Automatic 20L Candy Depositor with 10 Pistons

Price: $34,911.00

The Automatic Depositor comes with the 20 liters hopper with heated panels for chocolate, gummy, caramel and hard candy. 10 depositing pistons for maximum efficiency and productivity; Stainless steel construction with adjustable depositing nozzles that can be easily positioned to each mold layout. Touchscreen Unit Control that allow you to set the required temperature and volume before and during live production. This depositor is designed to work with all the Truffly Made silicone molds and most polycarbonate molds, it delivers accurately metered fillings with great flexibility and can deposit 5000 – 8000+ pieces per hour.
The Automatic Depositor has a large 20L hopper with heated panels
Easily adjustable shot size control.
Ten nozzles have adjustable centerlines to accommodate various mold configurations.
The Automatic Depositor works with molds up to 11.5 inches wide and 15 inches long.
Nozzles are removable to accommodate molds with less cavities.
Heated panels help chocolate, caramel or gummy products maintain temperature to flow properly.
Variable temperature control through Touchscreen Unit Control,
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