Yonex Voltric 80 Review

Perhaps the most anticipated racket from Yonex, designed for power and control. Now, before we go further, it’s worth noting that is quite an expensive racket and isn’t recommended for beginners. If you’re wanting something a little cheaper, try the Voltric 7. It’s made of lightweight Tungsten and graphite. It comes in a sleek red […]

Yonex Voltric 5 Review

This is number 5 in the Yonex Voltric range. It specializes in mature tri-voltage system which is great for power and short control. It is supposed to be excellent in terms of flexibility and maneuverability. The head is an isometric, which is designed to have a big sweet spot, to really hit the smashes the […]

Best Badminton Racket Reviews

With there being such an abundance of products on the market, selecting the right racket for you can be extremely difficult. That’s why we compiled the best badminton racket reviews to help you decide. We tested the rackets by allowing professionals and beginners to give us their thoughts on all the best selling rackets in the […]

Arcsaber Z Slash Review

The Yonex Arcsaber Z-Slash was eagerly anticipated. Many players couldn’t wait to try it and see what it could do. The racket was met with mixed opinions. Some people hate the colourful graphics, they thought it was ugly. But more importantly did the racket live up to the expectation? In this review we will cover […]

Best Squash Shoes

It’s been on our mind for a while, to come up with a comprehensive list for the best squash shoes. We decided to select shoes from all of the favourite brands, hand them over to the experts and let them tell us what they think. Hopefully, this guide will help your next purchase much easier. […]