Yonex Voltric 80 Review
Yonex Voltric 80

Perhaps the most anticipated racket from Yonex, designed for power and control. Now, before we go further, it’s worth noting that is quite an expensive racket and isn’t recommended for beginners. If you’re wanting something a little cheaper, try the Voltric 7. It’s made of lightweight Tungsten and graphite. It comes in a sleek red graphic that is attractive for most. It also comes equipped with the tri-voltage system that Yonex loves to talk about. So how does this Voltric 80 review compare to other rackets?

The frame is quite thin in depth but is extremely strong. It is slightly longer than traditional rackets, which might be a big bonus to players looking for a greater reach. Impressive yet, the racket has excellent dampening technology to control the vibrations from big, heavy shots.

A tension of 27 lbs is what’s recommended for the Voltric 80, which I think definitely appeals to the majority of players. People in the past have been let down with Yonex with their low tensions, but this definitely tops that.

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To test this racket we took it to the courts. Straight away I realized how powerful the racket truly is. It’s surprising how much power you can get with it. I feel like I’m 10 years younger just by simply using it. It’s so impressive.

Secondly, I realized how much control I can get on my shots. It’s as if this racket caresses the shuttle. And that definitely isn’t a typing error, it has a fantastic sweet spot that really hits the shuttle well. This is perhaps the best racket ever used in my life and it is always the racket I choose in future matches. It really is unbelievable how power I can achieve with this thing.

The Voltric 80 is quite heavy in terms of balance, but it’s not as heavy as some other products on the market. Though, I do think it’s well balanced and it’s no wonder that Lee Chong Wei is such a big supporter of it.

This racket feels amazing in the hand, it feels perfectly balanced with a strong head, the ultimate racket for power. A few games with this and I found my game to completely improve, it was quite surprising. Some of the shots I was hitting with this gem were incredibly powerful. To be honest, I didn’t know I was capable of hitting them.

Now let’s drop the awesome power for a second and look at how it compares defensively. Yet again, the perfect heavy weighted head proved its worth. After returning a few power shots, the strength pulled through and hit some excellent returns. Defensively speaking, this racket is amazing. There was almost no dragging too. Due to the frame’s aerodynamic design, it meant that there was absolutely no speed loss in the hits.


This is without a doubt, the best badminton racket on the market thus meaning there is no disadvantages. The only slight downfall is the price, it is quite steep and may be too expensive for some people. Let it be known, this is not a racket for beginners. It’s a racket that will improve your entire game and should be used by experienced players – to fully take advantage of the racket.


What an outstanding piece of kit! The Voltric 80 is now my permanent racket choice and I can’t see that changing in the near future. Yes, it’s expensive but I think it’s completely worth it if you want to change your game.

The price is definitely worth the racket you receive in return. It’s extremely impressive, holds the ultimate power, finesse and control. This Voltric 80 review is definitely one of most positive yet. If you’re serious about badminton, then this racket is an absolute must buy.

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