BarBelts Squat Rack Accessory (Sold as a Pair) – Lock The Barbell Into The Rack To Turn Squat Racks Into a Full Gymnastics Suite – Gymnastics Bar – Functional Fitness – Muscle Ups – Home Gym

Price: $29.97
(as of Dec 06,2021 17:20:39 UTC – Details)

✅ UNLOCK FULL POTENTIAL – Unlock the full potential of your squat rack with the patent pending Element 26 BarBelts. By being able to safely lock the barbell into the rack, you open up an endless possibility of exercises on a simple squat rack!
✅ SELF-LOCKING DESIGN – Simple, effective, and easy to use. The self-locking buckle makes it very quick and easy to lock the barbell into the squat rack.
✅ LEARN MUSCLE-UPS: One of the most challenging moves for a new functional fitness or gymnastics athlete to learn, now made easy. By being able to have a bar at any height, you can scale and progress much faster than with traditional methods.
✅ STOP DESTROYING BANDS – Using bands is not only a huge hassle, but quickly destroys those expensive bands that are not designed to rub against metal.
✅LIFETIME WARRANTY: The quickest way to tell if a product is of high quality is to look at the warranty the company provides. Cheaply made products have short or limited warranties because the companies know it won’t last a long time. At Element 26, we build only premium quality products and standby them with a lifetime warranty. If you ever have any problem, no worries, we got your back!

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