Barefoot Desk Treadmill Setup Review | Walkolution Kybun & Ära Desk

Walk and work barefoot with the Walkolution Kybun. Enjoy a more productive, active, and healthier lifestyle while getting your work done.

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Walkolution Kybun Model (Soft Planks for Barefoot Walking)
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Walkolution Wanderlust Model (Wood Planks)
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Transparency: Walkolution GmbH provided the treadmill & Ära Desk to me. They do not have any input on my video and do not see it before it is published. I do earn a commission on sales.

? Chapters / Show Notes:

00:00 Intro
00:39 Transparency
01:30 Main Difference
04:17 Desk Setup Options
04:35 Which one to buy?
04:53 The Walkolution on Wheels
05:54 Walkolution on Feet
06:49 Questions…
07:02 About the Price
08:39 Electricity: a cost saving consideration
09:06 Alternatives
09:52 Is it even possible to work while walking?
12:28 Noise Comparison — How loud is the Walkolution?
13:49 1st Place the Ultimate Setup
15:08 2nd Place
15:41 3rd Place
16:58 Conclusion

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