In modern life, physical exercises are focused on the health of the broad masses of the population. The most effective means to solve such global problem is sports games. Basketball is a bright and dynamic team game that requires endurance and develops coordination. Many people like this kind of sport.

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It was invented in 1891 by a Physical Education teacher of the Springfield College in Massachusetts, Dr. James Naismith.basketballThe game involves two teams, each of which tends to throw the ball into the opponent’s basket and to prevent the other team to seize the ball and throw it in its basket. Basketball refers to high-speed sports. For a basketball player is necessary to have endurance, jumping ability, agility and speed of reaction.In many sports, especially in athletics, basketball is part of the training. Basket (a hoop with a handing net) is located at a height of ten feet above the floor. There are twelve persons in each team but only five of them can stay on the field. It’s possible to substitute players an unlimited number of times.The game begins in the middle of the court when the judge throws the ball up between two players, each of them are trying to hit the ball to his team. It is allowed to play the ball only with hands. The infringement of the rules is considered when a player runs with the ball without hitting it on the floor, blocks it by any part of the leg or strikes it with his fist. However, if he touched the ball by a foot accidentally, it is not a violation. The team receives two points for getting into the basket from the short and middle distance and three points from the far distance. For a penalty shot players receive one point.hoopBasketball matches are divided into two twenty-minute halves of the pure time. The break between these halves is ten minutes. If at the end of the regular time the teams scored the same number of points, they will receive an additional time to determine the winner. Each team has the right to two timeouts in each half.

The trainers usually use timeouts to give players some tactical instructions and to make the substitution. The winner in basketball becomes a team that at the end of playing time scored more points. The overtime is assigned if the score is equal to the end of regular time (typically five minutes of extra time). If after its completion the score is equal, the next overtime is appointed, until the winner of the match will not be revealed.

A variety of technical and tactical actions of a basketball game and actually play activity have unique properties for the formation of vital skills and abilities of people, all-round development of their physical and mental qualities. The actions of a basketball game and its associated physical exercises are an effective means of promoting health and can be used by man throughout his life.