Strangely a plus size knee brace is not a product that is easily found, despite to be an article that is heavily demanded. These days we are lucky that can find them in an easier way online, and if you browse our reviews you are going to see several kinds of them. There is an ample shade of price ranges, qualities and designs.

This factor makes that the task of choosing the right big size brace becomes somehow difficult. Our compilation of models includes a variety that we expect cover the different alternatives that are available now in the brace market.

Types Of Plus Size Knee Braces

When talking about plus size knee braces we have to recognize that the variety of body types makes the task somehow difficult for the producers, and that is why the buyers of these products have to be more flexible that the buyers of more common braces.

There are several brands that support up to 5 L braces, like for example BraceAbility that with its bariatric knee support line shows sizes ranging from XL to 5XL that can fit knee areas ranging from 18 to 24 inches.  Beyond that there are some sizes that come with a dual axis and polycentric hinges that protect the knee and help to avoid injuries.

Plus Size Knee Brace for Specific Conditions

Considering that the knee is such an important joint in our body, and it takes a very big amount of pressure, people of big magnitude need to be extra careful. To make it easier to understand is good to know that there are 5 pounds of strength on the knee, for each pound of the weight of a person.

That’s why for many people that show heavy weight, the knee pain is something that they have to live with regularly. Here is when the knee braces helps those dealing with types of complications, like obesity or arthritis. Many of these products make the life of them much more enjoyable.

Some of these knee braces have a design that wrap around the knee closing in the front of it with two velcro straps, which help the knee hold up the higher weight of the person, allowing  them to avoid the excessive pain that it provokes.

 Braces and its Characteristics

Nowadays many braces are made from CoolTex that is a neoprene new material which is known for its absorption capability and also for its breathability.  Normally the plus braces that are sold in the markets today are lightweight and comfortable, coming with a an ample spectrum of sizes, from  L to even as big as 6XL.

Large legs are also targeted for the producers of these large braces, and many of them shows models that can be used with leg circumferences up to 30 inches and more, or have a shape in form o J tubular buttress to support the kneecap track in an efficient manner. Let’s say that often these types of braces can be found at cheaper prices that other kinds

Best Hinged Knee Brace Plus Size

This brace is designed to avoid common problems common in other braces like: the cutting of the back of the knee, not big enough, lack of comfortability, too rigid, and not good support.

The producers claim that their unique design of their brace is the result of many feedbacks coming from their customers which helped them to create a product that is specially thought for plus size persons.

One of the most annoying features of a brace is the constant sliding down when wearing it. Independently of how strongly are strapped the sliding never stop. The designer of this brace has invented an enhanced anti sliding strip which will avoid the issue, no matter for how long the item is worn.

Beyond that, the brace comes with 2 stabilizers made from metal that in addition with the 4 springs will give more flexibility and support for the knee.


  • Several colors available
  • Anti sliding strips
  • Made from neoprene material
  • Metal stabilizers


  • Tight range: 24 to 28 in.
  • Sizes: 4Xl, 5Xl  6xl, 7xl

        Nvorliy Plus Size Knee Brace Extra Large Open-Patella

        The High quality materials utilized in the production of this product, guarantee the heavy duty performance of it, meaning that support and compression are not an issue when wearing this brace. People with plus size legs are the clients that should buy these braces, due that the items are especially designed for them.

        The brace comes with a double D rings hinged locking mechanism which combined with six built-in steel springs, helps to get premium  stability.

        The Nvorliy plus size knee brace shows adjustable straps that are thought to manage the desired pressure that is applied in to the patella and the knee, top notch large size knee pad, and comfortable breathable components.

        The braces are expected to perform well in a variety of sports either as; basketball, golf, jogging, tennis, gymnastics, fitness , and many more.

        Also the product have had good results in the relief of complications like; knee pain, pain around the patella, meniscus tears, knee inflammation, sprains and tendonitis.


        • Flexible metal sprigs
        • EVA pad
        • Adjustable Straps
        • Anti odor 


        • Sizes: XL/2XL: 21"-25", 3XL/4XL: 25"-29", 5XL/6XL: 29"-33"
        • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 in.
        • Weight: 10.4 oz.

              BraceAbility Knee Brace for Large Legs

              This BraceAbility model of knee sleeve is 13.5" tall, and displays a pull on style to adjust the desired pressure on the knee.

              The material that is used in its confection is a soft no neoprene latex, that feels comfortable and warm and help to relief the pain in the knee joints.

              It provides help for knee pain, several patellar complications, chondromalacia, arthritis, knee dislocation, and many more.

              The tubular buttress is padded and involves the patella. This part of the brace can be customized by cutting it with scissors according to the area of the knee that needs more support and alignment.

              The idea of the open patella design is to reduce pressure on the inflammation of the kneecap by the soft and flexible pressure of the knee sleeve.

              The product is a good quality one, and its price is justified, making it a good value item.


              • Made from no neoprene latex
              • Adjustable straps
              • Pull up sleeve system
              • Medical grade velcro


              • Height: 13.5"
              • Shipping Weigh: 9.6 oz.

                    Plus Braces Knee Brace Support 6XL

                    This brace sold by Plus Braces comes with a reinforced stabilizer ring and open patella to alleviate pressure in the knee and avoid misalignments of the knee cap,

                    Also shows 3 straps that can be linked to the most of the points around the support area, in order to obtain a proper fit and avoid slippage when the users are practicing heavy exercises.

                    The cloth that is used in the manufacturing of the brace is intended to keep a warm knee area and also promote blood circulation without skin inflammation.

                    The product helps to manage sprains, some tears in the ligaments, strains, and beyond that make ligaments and tendon to stay warmer.

                    To achieve a longer lifespan is advisable to wash it using only cool water, and by hand. It s not recommendable to use bleach neither iron it.

                    Due to its quality materials these braces can be used in many physical activities without issues.



                    • Open Patella
                    • Fully customizable
                    • Reinforced stabilizer ring
                    • Lightweight sleeves


                    • Sizes: XXL, 4X, 6XL
                    • 3 attachable strips
                    • Shipping Weight: 12 oz.

                          GOODISTAR Knee Brace

                          For starters the vendor advice to measure the user’s leg size 4 inches above the kneecap to evade the possibility of a bothersome wrong size purchasement.

                          The GOODISTAR Knee Brace is especially designed for people of bigger magnitude, and displays an open patella with the right compression on the edge of the kneecap without limiting blood circulation or movement. Breathability is achieved by the use of a comfortable and flexible neoprene in its confection.

                          This item also helps the managing of conditions like; joint ache, ligament pain, meniscus tear and arthritis.

                          Suitable for many sports like soccer, tennis, gymnastics and several more, the product comes in ACL, LCL, MCL, 2XL, 3XL and 4XL and presents an adjustable feature that gives customizable capability that combined with the stretchy sprigs give firm support in the kneecap zone.

                          The company says that their straps are the longest available, and made of silicone that doesn’t slip, to accomplish a solid and static position in the knee area.

                          The interior of the brace has 4 stabilizers and an open patella to add elasticity and freedom of movements.


                          • Hand washable
                          • Dual knee stabilizer
                          • Heavy duty
                          • Bi directional knee straps


                          • Sizes: 2XL, XL XXL 3XL
                          • Stabilizers: 4
                          • Sizes in inches: XL is 18”-24”, 2XL is 24”-26”, 3XL is 26”-28”

                                Arrow Splints Knee Brace

                                This brace is a good quality one, and its dual stabilizers system makes it stay fixed without slipping permanently, like other bad class products existent in the market.

                                The open patella brace make its job, and gives a reliable support, avoiding the excessive pressure on the kneecap, and combined with the solid fasteners (3) and the double wave anti slip grip protect the area from dangerous movements that could harm the knee.

                                Also we think that the item reliable protection for a variety of physical activities together with the quality material that is built from, make it definitely an excellent value product.

                                Arrow Splints is a prestigious producer in the US, and unlike several of its competitors in the braces market, the company guarantees that the product will be replaced in case that the buyer wouldn’t be satisfied, and also encourage the potential customers to contact them if they have any doubt about the nature o the product. Also they have a money back warranty for 30 days after the sale.


                                • Premium neoprene material construction
                                • Anti slip
                                • Extra strength fasteners
                                • Breathable open patella style


                                • 1 year replacement warranty
                                • Fasteners: 3
                                • Shipping weight: 11.4

                                      Gladton Knee Brace

                                      Most of big structure people want to be sure that the knee brace is going to fit in the right way and not cut the blood circulation in their leg. This brace gives really good support on the knee and feels comfortable.

                                      The aperture in the front area makes it easy to see the patella and locate the brace properly.

                                      Some people that have conditions on their knees are going to see that wearing the Gladton knee brace they will work much easier than before.

                                      The brace also looks longer and more comfortable than many other products that I have seen.

                                      The sellers remark that the item is designed to provide top notch comfort and support the relief of complications like; meniscus tears, arthritis, tendonitis, swelling, inflammation, bursitis, and several more.

                                      Some people with knee conditions even claim that using these braces they were able to do exercise, practice sports and other physical activities without pain or instability.


                                      • Adjustable straps
                                      • Built-in sprigs
                                      • Longer brace longitud
                                      • Moisture resistant neoprene constructed


                                      • Big sizes: XL, XXL, XXXL 
                                      • Stabilizers sprigs: 4

                                            LifeUp Knee Brace Open Patella

                                            The compression level that this brace apply seems to be optimal, neither too soft neither too heavy, just enough to be supportive of the knee without obstructing the blood circulation.

                                            The therapeutic warmth that the brace provides will result not only in a blood circulation enhancement, but also in a relief in the pain provoked by knee conditions.

                                            Also the full compression of the brace gives a remarkable support for the knee area.

                                            The material that the item is made from is highly breathable fabric, which helps to absorb the moisture, and at the same time provide the necessary warmth for this kinds of braces.

                                            The product comes with Knee Stabilizer capability that consist in 2 metal sprigs splints on each side to improve the support and flexibility of the brace. These features make this LifeUp brace, a product that can be used when practicing a series of sports like; gymnastics, jogging, aerobics, soccer athletics, and etc.


                                            • Anti slip stabilizer
                                            • Knee wrap support
                                            • Adjustable knee sleeve
                                            • Moisture absorbing capability


                                            • Knee Circumference from 16 to 23 inches
                                            • 360 degree full compressed power 
                                            • Shippin Weight: 4 oz.

                                                  DonJoy Performance Bionic Knee Brace Review

                                                  The singularity of the DonJoy Performance bionic Knee Support Brace, is that the hex shaped patella opening gives to the patella much more steadiness and sustain, and at the same time provides freedom of movement to the knee itself when exercising or developing the daily tasks.

                                                  Also the company has created an asymmetrical hem lines and stretch webbing closure system to guarantee the right fit for a superior manageable compression and comfort. Beyond that, the brace helps to ensure that the collateral forces that come from the strong movements of the knee result in an undesired damage in the kneecap.

                                                  The design of the product displays a wrap around system, that allows a fast and easy on and off wearing without the necessity to take of your shoes.

                                                  The brace is really sturdy and diminish the majority of the lateral and over extensive movements that are present in most of sports.
                                                  The straps are easy to manage and of good quality, and they doesn’t provoke discomfort in the back of the knee, even though are a little tight within the securing loop.


                                                  • Hex shaped patella 
                                                  • Bilateral polycentric hinges
                                                  • TPR pull tabs
                                                  • Anti-migration technology


                                                  • Hinges: 2
                                                  • Straps: 2
                                                  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 5.8 x 2.7 in.
                                                  • Wight: 1 lb.

                                                        LP SUPPORT Extreme 708CA

                                                        The compression and support that this brace gives is a great help for overworked and week knees that needs sustain to stay in the right location. Its open patella style also helps to diminish the pressure over the patella, focusing it only on the muscles and the kneecap, alleviating the pain that is provoked for inflammation or injury.

                                                        A patented material called CoolPreene is in charge of keeping your knee dried and comfortable by improving blood circulation and sweat absorption, in a process that the Company names dynamic protection.

                                                        The US born Company has been dedicated to create products related to sports biomechanics for more than a century, and its technological innovation has been able to provide athletes with broad performance intended efficient sports and injury protection support. Samples of the respect that organizations like the PSATS (Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers Society) have for the Company’s job is the endorsement that they have given to the  LP’s compression sportswear series, and the fact that they are the sole supplier of compression articles for the NBTA (National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association).


                                                        • CoolPrene’s diamond-shaped grids
                                                        • Pumping action during movement
                                                        • Dynamic protection.
                                                        • Easy application


                                                        • Item weight: 4.2 oz.
                                                        • Shipping weight: 5.1 oz.

                                                              Arthritis and its Treatment

                                                              Best Plus Size Knee Brace Conclusions

                                                              It is a fact that find a plus size knee brace is much difficult that find a regular one. Big people struggle to find these kind of braces, and that is why we decided to do the hard work and put together these review of the best braces for big size people. We hope that all of you that are frustrated for the lack of big braces have some inspiration with the braces that we showed here, and also get the best product for your own kind of leg.


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