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Watch this video to know if FITKIT FT 200S is one of the Best Budget treadmill for Home use in India? treadmill is popularly used for Workouts at Gym and Home. It is one of the most popular equiptment in the Cardio Segment as treadmill is a perfect companion for weightloss. treadmill is usually considered as a status symbol in Tier 1 cities, however Lockdown in 2020 has changed the entire prospective towards Budget Treadmills in India. In this video, we have tried to cover the treadmill price in India and it’s related features like treadmill Inclination, Speed limit and Motor Warranty.

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FITKIT FT 200S Key Features

FITKIT FT 200S Motor Warranty – It comes with 1 Year Motor Warranty.
FITKIT FT 200S Inclination – It has a maximum inclination of Level 15.
FITKIT FT 200S Speed Limit – It has a maximum speed limit of 15.
FITKIT FT 200S Lubrication – It has auto Lubrication feature which makes Lubrication hassle free.
FITKIT FT 200S Hear Beat Sensor – It has a heart Beat sensor which helps you to keep a check on your heart beat while performing the workouts.
FITKIT FT 200S Weight Capacity – The maximum weight capacity this treadmill can manage is up to 110 Kgs.
FITKIT FT 200S Workout Music – It has a 3.5 mm audio jack and you can play the workout music of your choice.

P.S. – Please do not perform stunts or Anykind of dance on these treadmill 😉 Use it wisely and live well 🙂

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