Best Curved Manual Treadmills of 2024 | See Our Top 10 Picks!

Check Pricing For The Best Curved Manual Treadmills:
✅ AssaultRunner Pro:
✅ AssaultRunner Elite:
✅ TrueForm Trainer:
✅ TrueForm Runner:
✅ Tru Grit Runner:
✅ Rogue | Woodway LTG Curve:
✅ Bells of Steel Blitz Manual treadmill:
✅ Xebex Runner:
✅ Cascade Ultra Runner:
✅ NordicTrack X22i:
✅ NordicTrack X32i:

Check out the Best Manual Treadmills:

Our pick for the best manual treadmill overall is the AssaultRunner Pro. This is a popular treadmill found in homes and commercial gyms. It’s our top pick because of its quality and price point. With the AssaultRunner Pro, you’re getting a treadmill that will last while not breaking the bank. The AssaultRunner Elite is also a good idea if you want a little bit higher-end option. Almost anyone can hop on an AssaultRunner so either of these models is best for the masses.

The TrueForm Trainer and TrueForm Runner are best for athletes and runners who want to improve their form. These manual treadmills have shallow-curved decks which promote proper running mechanics. Some people might find they fatigue faster on these treadmills so they’re not great for everyone, but they’re ideal if you’re looking to enhance your form. The Runner is also customizable to be purchased with a turf or rubberized track belt.

The Bells Of Stell Blitz Manual is a little more versatile than the others on this best manual treadmills list because it has adjustable magnetic resistance in the belt. With this feature, you can sled push and run against resistance to add intensity to your training.

Something to keep in mind with manual treadmills is that they don’t incline. If you are looking for a treadmill with an incline that can still work similarly to manual treadmills, then the NordicTrack X32i and X22i Incline Trainers are the way to go. They have a sled-pushing feature where you can control the belt yourself, while also allowing you to incline up to 40% and decline to -6%. We consider these hybrid treadmills because they have motors.

We also wanted to mention the Tru Grit Runner because it is a great budget pick. Manual treadmills are expensive, but the Tru Grit Runner is priced significantly lower than others. The Grit Runner has adjustable magnetic resistance so it is versatile, too.

Finally, a newer treadmill to check out is the Rogue x Woodway Curve LTG. Woodway paved the way for manual treadmills with the Woodway Curve. The Woodway Curve LTG is the less expensive option that’s available at Rogue. So if you want a treadmill with a proven slat belt, check this one out.

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