Bingo Game Set for Adults, Seniors, and Family – 1000 Chips, 100 Cards, Jumbo Deck of Calling Cards – Calling Card Set

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100 Multi-Color Bingo Cards!

You will receive 25 cards in each of the following colors: red, green, black and blue. Featuring a unique numbering system, each card measures 4.75 inches wide and 5.25 inches tall. A free space is centered in the middle of each card. Reusable and durable, these cards are a great idea for charity events, birthday parties, family game nights and more.


1000 Tracking Chips!

These high-quality plastic chips are a must-have addition to any Bingo set and are ideal for pool halls, lodges and recreational facilities. Each package contains 1,000 translucent chips. Each chip features a radius edge for easy pickup. In addition to traditional game play, Bingo chips can be used in the classroom as a learning tool. Whether they are used for counting, in a science experiment, on an overhead projector or as tokens for a reward system, Bingo chips are versatile and convenient.


Pack of 84 Cards

Sometimes you just don’t have the table space for a cage, or the time to load and reload dozens of balls between rounds, or the money to buy such an expensive set-up. That’s where our Jumbo Bingo Calling Cards come in! This deck of hardy, plastic-coated playing cards packs in all the fun of Bingo in one portable, space-saving package.

The Perfect Starting Kit

With everything included in this set, you’ll be able to host your own bingo games right out of the box. If you want to step your game up with a Cage and Daubers, why not check out the rest of what Royal Bingo has to offer?

Room for Everyone!

Whether it’s 3 people or 100, you won’t need anything else to get a small or large game of Bingo started!

Everything You Need! Classic, Vintage Design Plenty for everyone Teaching Aids, Versatile Activity

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The King of Bingo!

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What’s Included: Our Calling Card Bingo Set includes 100 jumbo calling cards, 100 reusable bingo game cards, 1000 bingo chips in various see-through colors and 8 replacement blank replacement calling cards in case you lose one
More Pieces, More Players, More Bingo: Our Calling Card Bingo game set is great for larger parties, groups, or experienced players playing multiple cards at once. We include a total of 100 Bingo cards and 1000 Bingo chips
Pedal To The Metal: Our metal Bingo cage is superior to plastic cages. It spins smoothly and won’t crack with use. And, instead of flimsy paper our Bingo Cards are printed on reusable card stock
Easy Reading: Our colorful Bingo Balls have a proprietary clear coating that competitors don’t, which prevents the letters and numbers printed on from rubbing off over time
Why You’ll Love It: Because it suits so many players, our Deluxe Bingo Set is perfect for community centers, school classrooms, retirement homes, firehalls, family games for Christmas, game night, anywhere a game of Bingo is sure to get started

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