Butterfly Playback 19 Table Tennis Table | 3/4″ Ping Pong Table Top | Butterfly Folding Ping Pong Table | Wheels-Free for Easy Transport | Includes Paddle Holder & Rackets

Price: $590.75
(as of Jun 29,2021 23:26:19 UTC – Details)

The Butterfly Playback 19 is perfect table tennis table for home and recreational use. This is a table that is ideal for multiple places in the home like patio, basement, garage, attic, and family room. The ability to fold the table and transport it means it can be easily moved between different locations based on the need. This is also a great table for recreation use like schools, colleges, recreation center, retirement homes, as well as churches. The Playback 19 Table has a 3/4 inch thick table top that provides a solid bounce. The Playback also has a compartment to hold 2 rackets, so the rackets don’t have to be placed on the table and eventually misplaced. This table having the ability to be folded for easy transports makes it a value, along with free wheels making it easy to be stored in the corner of the basement, attic, patio, or garage. This table is classified as an “Indoor Table”, so all the places that are indoors will be ideal to preserve and prolong the quality of the table surface

Date First Available‏:‎May 17, 2019

QUALITY PING PONG TABLE: This indoor ping pong table is approved by USA Table Tennis and backed by a 3 year warranty
3/4″ PING PONG TABLE TOP: Thick ping pong table top provides an excellent bounce for competitive play. Play table tennis without a partner by unfolding one half in play mode and leaving the other half vertical
PING PONG PADDLE AND BALL HOLDER: Store your ping pong paddles and ping pong balls with the accessory holders on each side. Each holder can carry 2 table tennis rackets and 4 table tennis balls
FOLDS AND ROLLS: The Playback 19 is a 1 piece design that easily folds and contains rotating wheels to transport to your storage area. This table safely locks in place in the storage position
PING PONG NET SET INCLUDED: High quality Butterfly ping pong net set is included

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