Core Prodigy Python Power Twister Bar – Upper Body Exercise for Chest, Shoulder, Forearm, Bicep and Arm Strengthening Workout Equipment

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Product Description

Core Prodigy Fitness, Rehab, Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting & Training EquipmentCore Prodigy Fitness, Rehab, Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting & Training Equipment

Incomparable strength and precision power twisters cannot be rushed. They must be painstakingly crafted out of high tensile strength steel. Hand-built by masters. Scrutinized by experts. And tested—relentlessly. Experience the Python Power Twister, conceived to the extreme and built for the toughest workouts.

Power Twisters can be extremely effective and provide amazing results. However, most power twisters have a significant drawback with their design: they only have one resistance level and you can’t modify the tension. After many prototypes, Core Prodigy has solved this with our proprietary design that offers long handles that allow you to modify the resistance by moving your hands in or out. This is a chest exerciser for men that want upper body exercise equipment with a variety of options in a compact yet effective package.

Python Power Twister Multiple Resistance Chest Exercise DevicePython Power Twister Multiple Resistance Chest Exercise Device

Python Power Twister Exercise for the chest / as pec sculptor. Modify your grip to increase or decrease the resistance.

Python Power Twister Internal Spring for SafetyPython Power Twister Internal Spring for Safety

Super Sturdy Construction with Internal Safety Spring

Safety First- Another differentiating factor between the Python and other power twisters is the internal safety spring. In the unlikely scenario that the Python main spring were to break, the safety spring would hold the handles together.

Engineered for Comfort and Strength

Most Advanced Design Available

The Python has enabled thousands of people to exercise when their schedule has made it too difficult to make it to the gym. It’s the perfect device to keep at the office or bring with you for travel. The fantastic user feedback is a testament to the great design of the Python.

Adjust the Resistance with a Close or Wide Grip

Durable Powder Coated Steel Springs

Internal Safety Spring and Wrist Wraps

Long Proprietary Rubber Handle Grip

Python Power Twister Bicep CurlPython Power Twister Bicep Curl

Python Power Twister Bicep Curl

Also Use For Your Biceps and Forearms

The Python Power Twister can also be used as a bicep machine or curl bar and as forearm workout equipment. Hold one handle by the shoulder of the curling arm and grab the other end and curl up. The Python can also be used over your head to focus on the shoulders and traps as well.


Warm-up your shoulders and arms thoroughly before using the Power Twister by jogging or jumping rope for five minutes and then performing 20 reps of both arm circles and bear hugs. Complete three sets of each Power Twister exercise. The number of reps you should do in each set depends on your current strength level. Continue performing reps until you reach fatigue.

Grip the handles of the Power Twister using an overhand grip to prepare for the overhand bend exercise. With your elbows bent to 90 degrees, lift your arms out to your sides until they’re level with your shoulders so that the bar is held out just in front of your shoulders. Your palms should face the floor. Exhale and bend the bar to create an upside-down “U” shape by lowering your hands and squeezing them together. Your hands should meet in front of your waist. Inhale and slowly control your hands back out until the bar is straight again and then repeat.

Grasp the handles of the Power Twister with an underhand grip for the underhand bend exercise. Hold the bar in front of your waist, with your arms down by your side and elbows bent to 90 degrees. Your palms should face the ceiling. Exhale and bend the bar by lifting your hands and squeezing them together in front of your chest. The bar should bend to create a “U” shape. Inhale and release tension to control the bar back to straight and then repeat.

Grip the Power Twister handles with an overhand grip for the overhead bend exercise. Hold the bar over your head with your arms completely straight. Your hands should face forward. Exhale and bend the bar by bring your hands forward and squeezing them together. Control the bar back to its starting position and repeat.

Incorporate the power twister exercise at the end of your upper-body or chest workouts so that your chest and arms aren’t fatigued when performing other exercises.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‏:‎No
Package Dimensions‏:‎28 x 2 x 2 inches; 3.59 Pounds
Date First Available‏:‎October 3, 2016
Manufacturer‏:‎Core Prodigy

Full Upper Body Exercise Equipment (Instructions Included!) – this highly versatile upper body workout equipment offers significant resistance and a variety of movements and isometric holds to keep workouts interesting and make gains. Move your grip along the proprietary long handle design for multiple resistance levels from 40 pounds (18 kgs) to 100 pounds (45 kgs).
Easy to pick up and get some strength training reps in without a full gym routine. Get a killer chest workout, a punishing deltoid, back, and shoulder workout, and build your biceps with the ultimate home arm workout equipment.
Highly effective isometric exercises for arms and improved shoulder strength to increase stability, injury recovery and prevention, reduce pain, and enhance physical function.
Sometimes referred to as a torque stick, pec stick, or chest spring bar, the Python Power Twister creates unique and effective resistance by keeping muscle under constant tension for isometric and isotonic strength and endurance workouts.
Quality you can feel from the carbon steel spring bar, a high grade steel composition with comfortable rubber grip handles. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the high-quality design and construction of the Python Power Twister by Core Prodigy – Fitness and Rehab Equipment Leader.

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