Domyos W100 treadmill review Decathlon treadmill [eng]

This is Domyos W100 treadmill.
It costs about 200EUR or 250USD
It’s a mechanical treadmill from the Decathlon stores.
The quality is somewhat adequate to the price. It’s neither junk, nor a bargain.

The biggest pro is the compact size, light weight and the acceptable looks. Rather on the delicate side, easy to move and easy to live with.
The console’s got simple, monochrome display with basic info and a phone holder known from other Domyos equipment.
The frame seems very fragile but it did fine during 3 weeks of my tests.
W100 folds and most importantly it has no electrical engine.
It’s perpelled by the movement of the user. When going forward and uphill, the gravity pulls the user down and slides him and the belt backwards. It’s like walking uphill on slippery mud. You’re walking, but not moving forward.

Usable walking speeds are 3-6km per hour. The belt jams slightly, when walking under 3 and above 6 km per hour the running would start. However the hand rails are badly positioned and you hit them with your hands when swinging fast.
The movement of the belt is quite fluid, due to the flywheels.
You control the speed with a lever that puls magnets from and towards the flywheel. That gives it resistance and eventually affects the speed.
And realistically the belt speed changes constantly and every step we take is at a slightly different pace. It’s a bit awkward at the beginning, but you easily get used to it.
There is also the option of holding the rails while walking but in the end its neither comfortable nor healthy for ones back.

When the minimal speed is too fast you can further reduce it by putting something under the end of the belt and decreasing the incline.

In motor powered treadmills, the speed and fluent motion is controlled by the electric engine. The engine also greatly boosts the motivation to keep up the pace. There is none of that in here.
So on the plus side the Domyos treadmill is cheap, small and sturdy enough to walk on it and do a light everyday cardio.
If you weigh under under 100kg it would last you at least a couple of years before it falls apart. And in terms of 200UER treadmills, this one is as good as it gets. Having said that, if you keep your motivation up and train for more than a few months then you will definitely need to upgrade it to a proper motorized treadmill. This one is good enough to get you started, but you will need something better to keep you going.
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Thank you for your attention.

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