D&Q Archery Recurve Bowfishing Bow and Arrow Set 30 lbs 40 lbs with Complete Fishing Reel & Seat Ready for Fishing Hunting Shooting Pratice Takedown Bow Kit Right Handed (40 LBS)

Price: $179.99
(as of Jan 24,2022 15:16:05 UTC – Details)

GREAT STARGER BOW FISHING BOW FOR ARCHERS OF ALL AGES, SIZES AND ATHLETIC ABILITIES. With high-quality metal fishing reels, you can enjoy the new trend of recurve bow fishing.Great choice for both beginners and professionals, can be used to bowfish, hunt, or just target shoot. At any level of experience, you can have good qulity and better performance after repeated testing.
STRONG POWERFUL FISHING RECURVE BOW, SHOOTS GREAT AND FAIRLY ACCURATE. Shoot accurately at stationary targets and long range. Alloy riser and the limbs are laminated with fiberglass, tough and wear resistant, performance and quality tested. It allows for great comfort, stability and more precise fishing hunting shooting with excellent arrow speed. Lamination technology provides the best toughness and power for the fisher bow.
EASY TO PUT TOGETHER WITH GOOD CONSTRUCTION. A removable combination of classic design makes portable bow folds reoccur for fishing hunting training. Easy to disassemble for storage, too, use and storage is very convenient. Gear ratio: 3.3:1, Line capacity: 10 lbs / 100 yds, Wheel size: Diameter:2.5 inch, Length:3.8 inch, Height:3 inch, Wheel feet size: 2.5*0.57 inch.
INTEGRATED DESIGN TO ALLOW FOR OPTIMUM HAND PLACEMETN FOR RIGHT HAND FISHER SHOOTERS. Right handed means, you will hold the archery bow with your left hand and draw with your right hand, while with left handed, you will hold your bow with your right hand and draw with your left hand. It is well made, has high strength, good elasticity and comfortable pull, easy to use and with perfect draw.
COMPLETE FISHING KIT TO SET UP YOUR BOW FOR BOWFISHING. This easy shooting recurve bow comes with all the gear you need (1 pc takedown bow, 6 pcs fishing arrows, 1 pc fishing feel, 1 pc wheel feet, 1 pc arrow rest brush, 1 pc finger guard, 1 pc arm guard, 1 pc bow stabilizer.) to start pulling rough fish out of the water, without emptying your wallet.

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