Duncan Toys Reflex Auto Return Yo-Yo, Beginner String Trick Yo-Yo, 1 Yo-Yo, Mystery Color

Price: $11.27 - $9.93

Note: Colors And Patterns May Vary Weight: .16 Grams type: Fixed Woodside caps: Interchangeable play: String The Profly Yo-Yo Has A Modified Flared Shape And Rim-Weighted Design. The Profly Also Features The Same Patented Replaceable Wooden Axle Sleeve And Interchangeable Graphics As The Proyo.
AUTO RETURN YO-YO: The Reflex is the easiest yo-yo for new players. It returns without having to tug the string!
TAKE-APART DESIGN: With the Reflex yo-yo’s take-apart design, removing knots is now as easy as twisting the halves in opposite directions, removing the knot, and just re-assembling.
CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH: In the center of the yo-yo is a centrifugal clutch. As the yo-yo loses spin, this clutch engages around the axle and the Reflex automatically snaps back to the hand.
GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: The Reflex Auto Return Yo-Yo is one of Duncan’s beginner yo-yo models, specially designed for learning the basics.
PRODUCT DETAILS: Starburst response system. Weighs 47.2g. 1 yo-yo included. Colors may vary.
Made of Durable Plastic
Great For Beginners
Auto return Technology

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