DUOWEI Double Arrow Recurve Bow and Arrow Set Protective Gear Arrow Supports Universal 20-40 lbs for Left and Right Hand for Adult Youth Hunting Fishing Shooting

Price: $276.59
(as of Oct 14,2021 15:03:12 UTC – Details)

Split design: There is more than one place of care, the screw hole can be used to separate the bow from the bow with the help of a wrench Easy to carry and store
Double arrowhead design: left and right hands are common, and can be changed at will according to the user’s habits.
Bow handle: Epoxy resin material, from craftsmanship to quality, from material to performance, whether you think of it or what you didn’t think of, it can satisfy you.
Bow piece: glass fiber material, the advantage of glass fiber is that it has heat resistance, corrosion resistance and high tensile strength.
High-quality material: multi-strand woven bowstring, split design, ergonomic grip.

* Archery

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