DW007 Fitness Vibration Plate Adjustable Slimming Belt Accelerates Weight Loss and Ab Toning Strengthen Muscles Multi

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product description
Power supply: rechargeable
Control method: computer type
Number of massage heads: 5-7
Gear position: stepless speed change
The principle of fat rejection: vibration fat rejection, massage
Working time: 10-15 minutes
Rated current: 100
Function: 1000 mAh
Vibration Slimming Magnet Care Smart Chip Infrared Hot Compress
Short-circuit protection When the external device is short-circuited, the fat-slimming belt will start the protection function to cut off the power supply, effectively avoiding the damage caused by the short circuit.
Low voltage protection DC adapter converts 220v power to 12v voltage international standard below 36v is safe for human body
Overheat protection Inner bag overheat protection device, automatic power off safety guarantee to extend product life
Insulation protection Three layers of insulation materials are tightly wrapped to prevent leakage
product details
1. Double infrared heating fat-slimming, focusing on heat energy, hot enough and comfortable to shake for a certain time, the waist feels obvious.
2. Smart manual control with one-key start, convenient and simple operation
3. Velcro can adjust the length of the belt at will, suitable for different fat and thin people, firm and not easy to loosen.
4. Breathable canvas High-quality breathable fabric, wear-resistant and dirt-resistant, soft and comfortable to touch, easy to dissipate heat, and intimate to the skin.

Promote weight loss by retaining body heat and removing excess water.
Burn off excess calories and heat to increase perspiration and improve metabolism.
Helps you reduce excess water in your abdomen and burn belly fat over time.
Solve postpartum obesity, small belly, thick legs and loose skin.
An upgraded version for charging and plugging, with 38-gear slimming mode.

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