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Exercise fitness barExercise fitness bar

Arm exerciseArm exercise


Based on the principle of resonance, it can act on the deep muscles of the body

Muscles can only work reflexively under the action of external force, which is difficult to reach in traditional sports.

Deep muscles are the muscles that maintain and coordinate our body posture. They support and protect the spine. Many diseases, such as herniated disc, sciatica, neck pain, muscle weakness, etc., are caused by deep muscle strain. The modern fitness concept emphasizes fitness from the inside to the outside, and emphasizes the training of deep muscles.

Fitness vibrator is an efficient way of exercise. Two to three times a week, 10-15 minutes each time, you can achieve satisfactory results.

Whether for fitness, treatment of spondylosis, weight loss, or body shaping, vibrating sticks have significant effects. Everyone, including the elderly, children, women recovering after childbirth, and athletes can do rehabilitation training. The fitness exercise bar is especially suitable for office people and sub-health people who lack exercise for a long time.

Efficient, simple, and inspire inner vitality

Exercise the whole body muscles

Exercise the whole body muscles

Exercise waist muscles

Exercise waist muscles




It can make the muscles vibrate nearly 300 times per minute and exercise more than 90% of the muscle fibers; while traditional resistance exercises (such as weightlifting) can only exercise 40-60% of the muscle fibers. Improve the exercise effect while shortening the training time


Suitable for fitness people of all levels, simple and easy to learn. As long as the fly rod vibrates, the movement is effective. Will not cause damage due to excessive exercise or improper methods, if the muscles are weak, it will automatically stop the vibration


It can effectively enhance the effects of other sports, such as yoga, Pilates, and running. Can be placed in the car, in the office, or used anytime and anywhere while watching TV

Resistance trainingResistance training

Quickly build firm muscles

At first glance, this lightweight and soft fiberglass sports bar is not amazing, but it can really help you have the body of your dreams. This kind of fitness equipment that can bring high-frequency vibration can swing the loose muscles on the surface of the bones, the abdomen and buttocks will become tight, the chest and triceps will be exercised, and the metabolism will be promoted for a long time. In addition, Will bring you a good body shape. If you can develop a practice plan and strictly follow it, then you are guaranteed to show off a proud posture with confidence.

Product Dimensions‏:‎63 x 1.58 x 1.58 inches; 1.75 Pounds
Date First Available‏:‎April 20, 2021
Manufacturer‏:‎Peak Fits

EFFICIENT FAT BURNING AND WEIGHT LOSS:Based on the resonance principle of the elastic fitness bar,the fitness bar can quickly activate the muscles of the whole body,making the muscles vibrate nearly 300 times per minute,and exercise more than 90% of the muscle tissue of the abdomen,arms,legs,shoulders,etc.Sweating profusely in a short time
UNIQUE | SIMPLE:Only elastic workout bar can train deep core muscles. Ordinary exercise can only exercise the superficial muscles.The elastic workout bar can train the deep core muscles.| Easy to learn,suitable for all ages,as long as the flex-bar vibrates,the movement is effective
SAFETY | PHYSICAL THERAPY EQUIPMENT: The intensity of exercise depends on the strength of the athlete and will not cause injury due to excessive exercise or improper methods.If the muscles are weak,the exercise bar vibration will automatically stop.| Regardless of the cause of the injury,as long as the muscle is injured,the exercise bar will play a role in physical therapy
MULTIFUNCTIONAL SPORTS EQUIPMENT:Whether you use the strength training bar for full body training,abdominal training,weight loss training,or even yoga balance training and Pilates resistance training,or as a strengthening exercise accessory in other fitness exercises,Its applications are unlimited.You can use the strength training bar for the last ten minutes of abdominal core exercise and arm training,or as a warm-up preparation before the start of a full-body exercise.
MATERIAL:High tenacity fiberglass (not easy to break),Rubber grip (non-slip and comfortable),Total length:63 inches.Removable and easy to carry.Suitable for indoor,outdoor,backyard,gym and other places to exercise

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