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Elliptical Trainer – Advantages and Disadvantages

The elliptical trainer (also known as a cross-trainer) is a gym machine that can be used for training which simulate running or walking. You can workout on this machine in almost every local health club. Here’s a list of advantages and disadvantages of the trainer machine:

1. Joints Pressure and Risk of Injuries

One of the biggest advantages of the workouts on a cross-trainer is that it doesn’t cause excessive pressure to your joints. Also, it decreases the risk of impact injuries. That’s why many people prefer to train on it and ignore the jogging in the park.

2. Work more muscles at the same time

Other great advantages of the trainer is that when you train on it you work both – your upper and lower body muscles. It will help you to burn more calories in less time.

3. Workout programs

Most of the trainers are equipped with programs which could mimic interval training through alternating resistance or even a hill climbing. This could make your training more effective.

4. Get used with the exercise

The biggest disadvantage of the cross-trainer is that many people find the exercise on it unnaturally and most of them prefer to workout on a treadmill which mimics best the jogging or walking movements.

5. Prices

You can buy a medium class trainer for between $500 and $600, some people find this price expensive.

6. Workout on the same place

No matter if you train on a cross-trainer in your home or in the local gym, in both cases you’ll train on the same place every workout which may cause you an motivational problems.

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