Faber-Castell Soft Dry Pastel Chalk Long Goldfaber 36 Colors

Price: $29.17

Cretive Studio dry pastel chalk offers incredible application options. Its pigmentation is very high quality with a smooth deposition. It is easy to be smoked, using just the finger, fabric, cotton or a dimple, and allows the vividness of colors after applying a fastener. The long length is ideal for coloring extensive areas, and its intense colors and vivid hues will add the design to life.
Pastel dry, soft, suitable for beginners of studies in drawing and fine arts, amateur artists and students in general.
Composition: inert load, binders and pigments.
Made in Germany and imported by: A. Faber-Castell C.N.P.J: 59.596.908/0001-52. Service Center: 0800-701-7068. Contains: 36 pastels in assorted colors. ARTISTIC USE.
Product colour: Mulicor

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