To be confident that you have chosen the right Jabsco marine toilet is important to know which features are basic for your individual boat needs. We have chosen to analyze Jabsco’s products because we think that are of good quality and also shows a great variety, which gives great freedom regarding the election of your marine toilet.

Being in the middle of the ocean with a malfunctioning toilet is a situation in which nobody wants to be, and to avoid it is useful to have clear knowledge of what are the factors that influence the right functioning of your unit.

In our opinion, people should pay attention to for example; Is the marine toilet releasing smelly odors? Is the product too noisy? And finally, is the unit eco-friendly?

Of course a “head”(marine toilet in ‘marine jargon’) is quite different that a regular toilet, and boating fanatics know the great advantage that gives them to have one of them on board.

Jabsco Marine Toilet Types

Jabsco is a prestigious producer from England that manufactures an ample variety of products like; marine pumps, lights, blowers, and especially marine toilets and parts. The marine items are made mostly in Hoddesdon, England, but the company also has factories in Mexico and China.

Although they have an array of different types of marine toilet, Jabsco specializes mainly on electric marine toilets and a few models of manual toilets.
Beyond that Jabsco is the leader on sales of manual marine toilets because its manual items are widely recognized for its clean handling, and come with a bowl that is designed to avoid  discoloration.

Also, the Jabsco marine toilets are thought to be used in small areas, showing fastenings that are designed to be located on top or in front of them.

What Is The Best Electric Marine Toilet

Electric marine toilets are very popular, and the array of products is quite ample. Our opinion is that Jabsco is one of the best brands to consider when looking for these kinds of toilets, due that the quality of their technology, and also for the variety of items that they display in their catalog. It is great when you have a ample shade of products to choose from, but this also entails a greater difficulty when trying to choose the right item.

To make the task a little easier, let’s analyze the different types of electric toilets.

For starters the most budget friendly of these toilets are the ones that are compounded for a pump that shows an impeller and a chopper in one piece, which unfortunately provoke excessive noise that for most of the people is very annoying.  But there are not only drawbacks when talking about them. Many people like its easiness of use and versatility, which give the chance to be setup below or above of the level of water.

More sophisticated models include macerators that avoid the possibility that the lines get clogged, but of course they require a bigger investment . Below in our reviews we feature different kinds of products for interested persons to choose from.

Jabsco Manual Boat Toilets

The main feature of a manual head marine toilet in general is that to dispose the waste is necessary doing it by using a foot or a hand pump device. These kinds of systems normally don’t use power lines, are easy to install, and the cost is very reasonable.  Also the fact that these devices are manually operated makes the possibility of mechanical dysfunction less likely.

The great drawback that comes with these toilets is that the less proficient flushing operation provokes more undesirable smells.

Also the use of the manual toilet need to be more careful and details like for example checking the amount of water in the bowl before flushing  is important to avoid the chance that the toilet paper get clogged, or  ensure that the quality of the toilet paper is good enough to help the functioning of the system.

Again we think that the manual marine toilets made by Jabsco without been very numerous, represent an excellent alternative for people that are looking for these kinds of products.

Choosing the Right Jabsco Marine Toilet

Below we present a compilation of different kinds of Jabsco marine toilets, that includes, both, electric and manual marine toilets. The criteria that we used to choose them was first of all, quality, and then we tried to giveaway a list that shows a variety of price ranges and features in order to satisfy multiple persons requirements.

Jabsco 37010 Series Electric Marine Toilet


  • Baked enamel seat & cover
  • High capacity macerator and bowl scavenger pump
  • Stainless steel and bronze fastenings 
  • Flexible impeller flush pump


  • Fuse Size: 25 amp
  • Inlet: 0.75 inches
  • Outlet: 1 inch
  • Weight: 32 lbs.

        If you are looking for a Jabsco electric toilet that is efficient and won’t break your bank, the 37010 Series Electric Marine Toilet would be a good choice.

        One of the reasons why, is that the product is compact and light enough to not only make the installation easy, but also limiting the space that it occupies.

        Other good reason is that nobody that have some experience using these kinds of articles, will say that the toilet is noisy, and most of the people will confirm that generally speaking the level of noise is reasonable.

        The toilet works by pressing the button allowing that the water in the bottom is sucked in to the macerator that is also activated when the button is pushed. Later on, the refilling of the bowl starts from the sides of it. All in all this is a good budget marine toilet but we think that is mostly designed to be used sporadically, and not like an appliance that can survive extreme use.

        The bowl is made from pure white vitreous material to help the cleaning and sanitizing of it. Also the wooden seat and cover gives to the item an hygienic nice aspect that contributes to feel more comfortable when using it. The fastenings are made from bronze and stainless steel that allow resistance again salty water and humidity.

         Jabsco 58500-0024 Lite Flush Marine Toilet, Electric Head


        • One Touch press and release switch
        • Raw Water Rinse pump inlet 
        • Non-clogging, centrifugal, waste macerating pump
        • Integral rinse and waste pump system


        • Raw water rinse pump inlet: 0.75 in.
        • Flush pump discharge: 1.5-in.
        •  Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 16 in.
        • Weigh: 31.8 lbs.


              This electric toilet is intended to instantly adapt your existing manual toilet giving to the bathroom a modern and elegant look.

              The article comes with an integral rinse and disposal pump capability which shows low water and power utilization, and beyond that, the toilet displays the same installation, hose attachments, and true retro fit features that the present manual toilet from Jabsco.

              To operate this toilet you only need to simply press down the foot switch twice once to flush and then once to fill the bowl.

              As many Jabsco marine toilet, this item shows a nice and modern look, and beside that the item is easy to handle and doesn’t use too much space in your boat. The article is made from ceramic in the inside and light plastic outside.

              The technology that has been applied in the non-clogging pumping system makes this marine toilet quieter and effective that many similar products available in the market. Also the system is designed to allow the users to keep the bowl dried or wet.

              The functioning of this Jabsco toilet is simple due to its press and release switch that gives you a hassle free operation. The rotating seat is desined to fit in most of the marine restrooms and the maceration pump help to minimize the consumption of water.

              Jabsco Twist 'n' Lock Compact Manual Head, Marine Toilet


              • Twist 'n' Lock safety handle
              • Powerful swirl action for efficient flushing
              • Automatic vacuum breaker
              • Smooth mouldings for added hygiene


              • Dimensions: 17.7 x 17.7 x 13.2 in.
              • Weight: 30 lbs.

                    Beyond that the fact that Jabsco is a popular brand that make its parts easy to get, the company gives a good customers service. Talking about this specific item, the product works as expected and the installation it is easy.  It seems to us that the quality of the construction materials are not exactly premium quality, which makes us doubt of the lifespan of the toilet itself. Besides, it is odd that the package doesn’t include the necessary supplies to set the toilet up, making the buyers to get them by themselves. On the flipside the lack of quality of the raw materials makes that the replacement price come at a bargain and it is not necessary to spend an awful amount of money in case that some part gets damaged.

                    The product displays an intuitive Twist 'n' Lock action handle guards that works by applying a 90 degrees turn to lock it in case of waste backflow or that the siphon get flooded.

                    Aesthetically the products have a nice look that is enhance by the fancy wooden seat that is covered with tough baked enamel coating, and the pure vitreous China bowl to facilitate the cleaning task.

                    Jabsco Twist n' Lock, Manual Marine Toilet Boating Head


                    • Smooth moldings for added hygiene
                    • White vitreous china bowl
                    • Enameled wooden seat and cover
                    • Corrosion-resistant materials


                    • Connections: For 19mm (¾”) bore inlet hose, 38mm (1½”) bore discharge hose
                    • Bowl dimensions: 470mm wide, 485mm deep,

                          This toilet is an upgraded model of the recognized Jabsco Manual Toilet. It is well made, reliable and the peace of mind that the simple to use Twist ‘n‘ Lock feature gives you, well worth the price of the unit.

                          The product also displays a protection capability against waste backflow, and siphonic flooding by using the simple 90° turn of the handle that manage the valve leakage. The upgraded piston is pressured and secured to avoid that waste water surpass the valves and go back into the bowl.

                          The setup is optional, and can be made below or above of the waterline.

                          Reversible mounting allows the pump to be installed on the left or right side, and the versatile lay out also allows holding tank or overboard discharge.

                          Beyond that, the long lifespan of this item is helped by the presence of anti corrosion materials that are used in its construction.

                          The high customization of the Jabsco-29120-5000 is present again making possible that fastenings can be faced in front or on top to help its simple maintenance.

                          The efficient flushing of the bowl content is assured by the strong swirl result that the item shows, and the potent self-priming pump allows the above or below of the waterline setup.

                          Jabsco Deluxe Flush  Electric Toilet  with Solenoid Fresh Water Rinse


                          • Minimal water usage
                          • Space saving design
                          • Crevice free contours
                          • Plumbing and wiring easily concealed



                          • Electricity usage: 1.0 Amp/Hour per day
                          • Fuse Size: 25 amp.
                          • Connections: for 19mm ( ¾”) bore inlet hose, 38mm (1½“) bore discharge hose

                                This product includes the word deluxe in its description for a reason, and is specially thought for persons that, no matter the price, are looking for a quiet operation, and this is achieved by the premium flush maceration capability that thanks to the 240 watt centrifugal pump that crushes the waste. The product is also aesthetically not invasive and shows a compact size that helps to save a considerable amount of space in the layout of your boat.

                                For comfort the unit also gives you the ability to choose between straight back or angle seat heights, and beside that you can also choose between pressurized fresh water or raw water flush from the pressurized system of the boat that is designed minimize the odor that is released from the unit when in use.

                                Gloss vitreous china is the material that the producers use to manufacture the whole bow and a free contours installation is used to facilitate the cleansing operation.

                                This Jabsco electric marine toilet can be installed in sailing and also power operated boats, both below or over the waterline, which make it easily usable on river, lake, and on the sea.

                                Finally we can say that the item is a good exponent of the quality of the marine toilets made by Jabsco.

                                Jabsco Marine Deluxe Flush Slant Back Electric Toilet with Solenoid Valve



                                • Elegant bowl design
                                • Quiet flush cycle operation
                                • Regular household size seat.
                                • White vitreous china bowl


                                • Connections: For 19mm ( ¾”) bore inlet hose, 38mm (1½“) bore discharge hose
                                • Fuse Size:  25 amp.
                                • Dimensions: 23 x 22 x 19 in.
                                • Weight: 55 lbs.

                                      If you think about people that live on their boat, a little comfort justifies spending some money on this kind of marine toilet, that even though are somehow expensive makes your life much more relaxed.

                                      Beyond that the unit is not difficult to install, it is also compact enough to avoid the excessive use of space in your boat. The flushing system is premium quality, and display remarkable vacuum power that combined with the versatile array of flushing options that gives you 4 choices to apply according to the necessary amount of water in each situation.

                                      The addition of crevice free contours makes that the 58020-1012 Marine Deluxe electric toilet is a unit that is very easy to clean.

                                      Like the most products made by Jabsco, this item displays a sober design, that with its low profile doesn’t interfere in the general decoration of the space. Also its silent operation helps to the product to remain unnoticed. The unit also gives you the chance to leave the bowl dry or wet, depending on your own preferences.

                                      The efficient pump macerates waste in a way that makes undesired substances inexistent, avoiding the necessity of cleaning the toilet too often, and the touch pad controller is really useful for the easy handle of the unit.

                                      Jabsco Electric Marine Toilet - Compact Bowl - 12v


                                      • Compact Bowl
                                      • Two sizes available
                                      • Elegant look
                                      • Quiet flushing operation 


                                      • 3/4" bore inlet hose, 1" bore discharge hose
                                      • Dimensions: 14 x 13-7/8 x 17-5/8 in.
                                      • Weight: 34.6 lbs.

                                            When analyzing different electric marine toilets from Jabsco we acknowledge that this versatile unit gives the great features that only electric flushing items come with. You can choose a compact size bowl unit, or if you have more space in your vessel, you can get a regular household one. Besides, the design allows that the discharge can be made using holding tank or overboard systems.

                                            Also the product comes with the alternative to use fresh or salt water to operate the bowl unit, thanks to highly effective self priming rinse pump and the anti corrosion materials used in its construction.

                                            Beyond that, the unit can be mounted below or above the waterline, depending of the type of plumbing that is used, and is intended to be used only with river, lake, or sea water.

                                            Our opinion about this electric toilet is that the price corresponds to the quality that it offer, but nevertheless implies a considerable expenditure for this kind of appliances. The products that can be seen in this price range are mostly for people that live permanently in a vessel or for people that don’t have any budget restrictions.

                                            We think that all in all this Jabsco marine toilet is good value for people that can afford to pay this amount of money.

                                            Jabsco Manual Marine Toilet - Compact Bowl


                                            • Household Bowl
                                            • Can be upgraded to a newer model
                                            • Sober designed
                                            • Easy to install


                                            • Seat Height: 13.8"
                                            • Width: 18.5"
                                            • Depth: 19.1"

                                                  This is the old version of the Jabsco Manual Toilet. The popular product shows an affordable price and comes with less features that the new version. Even though the product shows some outdated characteristics, is still very demanded, because its good value is difficult to match.

                                                  The construction materials are similar and the main differences when comparing with the upgraded version are some new technical advances that have been developed lately. Our review about the new version is intended to allow the old fans of this marine toilet, to evaluate if the new model really worth the additional cost.

                                                  We think that if persons can spend an extra amount of money for the newest version they should do it, mostly for the new safety features that have been added to it, but we are conscious that many people will be reluctant to change their mind, and will continue to look for the good old product. Even though we acknowledge that the item has been discontinued, it is still possible to purchase it on Amazon. Of course the drawback of buying discontinued articles is that in the future finding the required parts it will be more complex.

                                                  Jabsco 17" Deluxe Flush Fresh Water Electric Toilet - 12V


                                                  • Space saving design
                                                  • Silent operation
                                                  • Saving power efficient
                                                  • Crevice Free Contours


                                                  • Electric Toilet : 12V
                                                  • Dimensions: 22 x 20 x 24 in.
                                                  • Weight: 60 lbs.

                                                        Marine toilets usually come in smaller sizes than standard toilets; because the limited space that the regular boats have make the area that the restroom normally occupies to be small. This individual Jabsco marine toilet is bigger than the majority of these types of artifacts, making it more appropriate for bigger vessels.  Higher toilets generally speaking are more expensive, but also give a much higher sense of comfort, and if someone has the right space and the budget to purchase it they are certainly recommendable.

                                                        Also the Jabsco 17" Deluxe Flush Fresh Water Electric Toilet - 12V follow the trend of modern marine units that using powerful pumps, avoid the waste of space, which is especially useful for marine toilets. Definitely this item combined efficiently the desired comfortability with the rational use of the space available on the boat.

                                                        The product can be electrically used indistinctly in sailing or power operated boats, no matter if is intended to be setup bellow or over the waterline. Besides that, the item presents no issues when utilized in a canal, lake, sea or river. The toilet also gives the ability to choose different flush features to make possible the saving of water.

                                                        Jabsco Lite Flush Compact Marine Electric Toilet with Foot Control



                                                        • Low water usage
                                                        • Slow close seat and lid
                                                        • Quiet and efficient flush
                                                        • Lightweight and compact


                                                        • Pump power; 240 watt
                                                        • Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 16 in.
                                                        • Weight: 31.2 lbs.

                                                              There are several models available, but our favorite is the foot pump model that is an excellent choice for people that want to upgrade older units. The Jabsco lite flush compact marine electric toilet with foot control is easy to use and is able to empty the bowl completely, so there will be no smells, no matter how long the toilet is without use.

                                                              Also the unit doesn’t shows the annoying noise that many marine toilets present when flushed, making it a product that clearly stands out against its counterparts.

                                                              The operation of the unit is executed by pressing the button with the foot to fill partially the bowl with water, then after use it, it fill the bowl again and the flushing action will left the bowl completely void.

                                                              The high seat is comfortable and without been bulky, comes with a slow closing lid. It is also useful to know that some problems that were present at the beginning, have been solved by the upgrades that the company has made regularly.

                                                              The toilet is also power and water saving efficient, and when you add up its low profile and cleaver design, the product no matter its price, is definitely good value.

                                                              Best Jabsco Electric and Manual Marine Toilet Reviews Wrap Up

                                                              Definitely Jabsco is a company that worth to consider when looking for marine toilets, and the alternatives and quality that their products gives makes an excellent starting point to look for marine appliances for your boat. With several price ranges, their products shows many varied features that help potential buyers to choose the most appropriate Jabsco marine toilet for them. We hope sincerely that our reviews have helped to make your decision easier.