Handbook of Career Development: International Perspectives (International and Cultural Psychology)

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“This is a wonderful compendium of information, ideas and suggestions for the practitioner, researcher or student. The 41 chapters offer a broad array of perspectives, research and references. Especially because several ideas are sourced from cultures other than the widely published US, the handbook will broaden horizons and challenge preconceived notions. I thank the editors and all of the authors for doing that for me.” (Dr. Jane Goodman, British Journal of Guidance & Counselling, Vol. 43 (5), 2015)
“Handbook of career development: International perspectives comprises 41 chapters across a multitude of key themes including theoretical perspectives, assessment and evaluation, special populations, and counsellor competencies. The international team of contributors often share specific examples from their respective countries, bringing an important global perspective to topics of interest and concern. … Whether your primary interest is in theory, assessment, evaluation, or training, the Handbook of career development: International perspectives is a “must have” for anyone involved in career practice.” (Deirdre Pickerell, CCPA Career Counsellors Chapter, ccpacdchapter.blogspot.de, March, 2014)
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