HXXXIN Parking Space Graffiti Printer 3D Painted Ground Advertising Automatic Inkjet Printer Industrial-Grade High-Precision Machine

Price: $10,482.29

Easy/efficient/saving, suitable for interior and exterior paintings that require decoration, such as homes, office spaces, hotels, restaurants, kindergartens, entertainment and leisure centers, KTVs and other internal walls, government propaganda, civilized construction, cultural construction, etc. on internal and external walls; only Just a picture is needed to sway your inspiration and creativity to add life to the simple wall.
Suitable for all kinds of wall parking spaces
Color drawing is convenient, widely used in various industries, and has a wide range of applications. Most walls can be printed.

Product parameter
Overall dimensions: length 2.5 meters / width 0.7 meters / height 0.42 meters
Print size: width 2.2 meters / length unlimited
Assembling method: free assembly, printing can be started directly after placing
Number of nozzles: 2-4
Color painting technology: micro-piezo inkjet technology, variable ink droplets
Nozzle type: industrial grade nozzle
Printing speed: low speed, medium speed, high speed, three gears adjustable
Data transmission: integrated nozzle, telecom-grade optical fiber transmission
[Parking graffiti machine] Fast printing, farewell to cumbersome, one-key printing, white ink circulation, two-way printing, no stripe drawing, software upgrades.
[One set is enough to solve these troubles] Small and light, it can be folded into the trunk of the car, and it can easily handle various models.
[Sliding track] It is made of aviation aluminum material, which makes it light in weight, high in toughness, and sufficient in hardness. In addition, it can be stretched to make it move left and right.
[Applicable wall] Suitable for wall: putty wall, latex paint wall, brick wall, cement wall, imitation porcelain wall, etc.
[Support] Airplane aluminum material is light, high hardness and toughness.

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