IAMACE Adjustable Dumbbells Set 33/44/55/66/88 lbs with Durable Steel Dumbbell Rod,2 in 1 Barbell Free Weights Dumbbells Set for Home Gym Fitness Workout Exercise Training

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Product Description


Adjustable dumbbells set of 2

Conveniently transforms from dumbbells to barbell, for use as two dumbbells for curls or quickly converted as a barbell for lunges and squats. The fitness dumbbells kit provides you with various weight options, ranging from 9.4lbs to 88lbs.

Exercise Muscles

neoprene dumbbells

neoprene dumbbells

weights dumbbells

weights dumbbells

20lbs dumbbells set of 2

20lbs dumbbells set of 2

adjustable dumbbells set of 2

adjustable dumbbells set of 2





dumbbells 15 lbs pair

dumbbells 15 lbs pair

dumbbells adjustable

dumbbells adjustable

50 lb dumbbells

50 lb dumbbells

Dumbbell Clamp to Save Time

Does Switching weights in middle of the workout take too much time? Are screw-on retainer nuts hard to get on and off? Don’t worry, we have also provided dumbbell clamp to facilitate quickly switching weights.

Rubber Protective Sleeve

Each one is wrapped in a black rubber ring-like sleeve which helps to ruduce impact when setting them down,and protect your floor and furniture.

Marked in Pound

The weights are marked in pound to make it easy to Calculated the weight you are accustomed to using.

60lb dumbbells

60lb dumbbells

hand dumbbells

hand dumbbells

dumbbells weights set

dumbbells weights set

Steel Dumbbell Rod

Each rod is made of solid steel,and grips are wrapped in a anti-slip rubber with a cross-hatch texture for a secure grip when lifting.In this configuration,it is very safe and durable, so you don’t have to worry about the dumbbell bar breaking .

Steel Connecting Rod

Each connecting rod are made of steel and is wrapped in thickened sponge-padded sleeve,which can reduce the pressure on the neck during exercise to reduce fatigue, avoid abrasions, and improve squatting comfort.

Upgraded Connecting Rod Thread

The design of the threaded structure is in the same direction, which makes the assembly of the barbell easier and stronger.



25 lbs dumbbells set of 225 lbs dumbbells set of 2


4x 4.4Lbs counterweight,

4x 5.5Lbs counterweight,

8x 6.05Lbs counterweight,

4x Dumbbell Clamps,

2x Dumbbells Rod,

1x Connecting Rod.


IAMACE is Where Innovation Meets Tradition.

After several generations of innovations and upgrades, IAMACE has now launched a new adjustable dumbbell.

The weight-adjustable design allows that you can increase the weight over times without buying different ones constantly.

Upgraded Dumbbell Plates,Durable iron material coated with a black paint finish to prevent rust and corrosio.


– Product Weight:88 lb

– Dumbbell Rod Length: 20.5”

– Dumbbell Rod Weight:0.6 lb

– Connector Rod Length:15.7”

– Connector Rod Weight:0.5 lb

– Material: Iron materia + Steel + Rubber

40kg weights dumbbells set adjustable40kg weights dumbbells set adjustable

Date First Available‏:‎May 14, 2021

🎱 【Dumbbells Protective Sleeve】– Each weights is wrapped in a black rubber ring-like sleeve which helps to ruduce impact when setting them down,and to protect your floor and furniture.The weigh is conveniently marked in pounds.
🔧【 Easy to Assemble/Disassemble】– This dumbbell set can conveniently transform from dumbbells to barbells. Weights are affixed to the dumbbell rod by lock dumbbell clip and the two dumbbells can be converted into barbells by screwing them into the internally threaded end of the connecting rod.We have provided 4 dumbbell clips to facilitate a quick switch between weights,full time saving.
💰 【Customizable Weights Dumbbells Set】–This dumbbell gym set comes in 4.4-lb and 5.5-lb. sizes–four of each weight and 6.05-lb sizes–eight of each weight. The dumbells can be arranged in different combinations to allow incremental weight changes.Adding weight in this way is economical and makes the set easier to store in a smaller living situation, or with limited storage space.
🏋️‍♀️【 15.7” Steel Connecting Rod】–We have upgraded the Connecting Rod and female threaded structure of the connecting rod to make the barbell installation more firm and compact.Each Connecting Rod is made of steel and is wrapped in sponge-padded sleeve, which is very safe and durable.In this configuration, the center of the grips on both sides are around 29” apart, a good natural distance for most adults for use in chest presses, shoulder presses , overhead lifts, and squats.
🤹 【Perfect for Home Workouts】–These dumbbell weights are a great professional substitute for gym equipment,so you can keep fit at home.You can do anything you would do with dumbbells- bench presses, shoulder presses, curls, triceps extensions, rows, flies, lunges, etc. It helps train and strengthen your quads, glutes, buttocks, abs, biceps, triceps, legs and knees at home or at the gym.

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