Intenza 550 e2+ Treadmill – Make Every Stride Count

It’s no secret that going full tilt can leave you out of breath, but dialing up the incline on the Intenza Fitness 550 e2+ treadmill whilst walking or running will give your muscles a challenge, increase your heart rate and boost calorie burn. Your lungs will also work much harder than if you were on a level surface and in return, become stronger and more conditioned— which is why using the incline feature is a great way to condition the body for realistic terrain such as cross country runs or marathons etc.
Research shows that using a 1—2% incline will help simulate a more realistic running experience because this incline will account for the wind resistance that you don’t get when running on a treadmill. When running outdoors, you’re constantly pushing your body through the air while the wind is pushing you in the opposite direction therefore, this 1—2% will make you feel like you are running outside whilst in the comfort of the gym! And, to really get your blood pumping a 2013 study that measured the effects of incline running, found that a 2—7% incline increased heart rate by almost 10% when compared with running on a flat surface. Furthermore, trekkers getting ready for the hiking season can simulate routes on the 550 e2+ treadmill to get trail—ready by setting the speed between 2.5-—4 MP/ H to warm up, then instead of increasing the speed to a run, continue walking with an incline between 12—15% for anywhere between 30—75 minutes. Pro Tip: If your hikes include carrying equipment, use the Intenza Weight Vest to simulate additional weight. #howfitnessshouldfeel

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