KKYUNDING Traditional Hunting Long Bow and Arrow Set,Outdoor Archery Kit Recurve Bow for Beginners Teens Target Shooting Sports Games Training(40Lbs)

Price: $390.62
(as of Jan 23,2022 17:30:07 UTC – Details)

The bow handle is made of beech wood, integrally formed, with good toughness and high strength.
The bow is made of wood material and adopts an integrated longbow design, so that the contact area between the bowstring and the bow is small.
Ensure that the archery has low vibration, no torsion, no abnormal noise, and large energy conversion.
The bowstring is made of high-quality fiber, with high strength, strong tensile strength and fast bounce speed, which can withstand millions of archery shots.
The bow piece is made of epoxy resin fiber, and it adopts a thinner processing method to reduce the vibration force during archery, and the archery is more stable.

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