LANCS Abs Abdomen Muscle Toner Body Trainer Workout Fitness Equipment Women Men Training Gear Exercise for Arm Leg Hip Building

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Are you no spare time to do exercise?
Are you suffering from sore aching muscles, back pain, or stress?
Are you in the market for some tech to enhance your workouts?

Yes, LANCS abs ems muscle device can help you reach your goals, it is perfect for both men and women, also applied comfortably on any other large muscle group, as legs and arms, etc.

1. 6 modes and 9 intensity for choice, meets different strength level, like warming-up, muscle training, muscle relax.
2. Very easy to use, fit the gel pads to your body, press the button, start for muscles exercise. 15-20 minutes per time, get the fitness body shaper.
3. Our 6 pack muscle trainer not only train your abdomen, but also suitable for arm, waist, hips and legs training.
4. You can use this device in office, home, or any place you want, instead going to gym. It is very thin then you can wear it underneath your clothing, and nobody knows.
5. This arm fitness toner can build your muscle, simultaneously relax and recover after post-workouts.

Our hip trainer is used with EMS technology. EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) is also known as “NEMS”. EMS uses a electric impulses to get muscles to contract. These impulses mimic the same action potential coming from the central nervous system during physical activity. This can improve muscle strength and function. They can also help sore muscles recover faster.

Muscle Trainer Warm tips:
1. Do not use it when you are sleeping
2. It will be start working only when you stick the gel pads on your body.
3. When the gel pad after using 30 times, it should be replaced.
4.If you have any questions about our body toner machine, please feel free to contact us! We are 24 hours on line.

Package Include:
3* Main Device
1* Abdominal Pad
2* Arm/Leg Pad
1* User Manual

Date First Available‏:‎August 22, 2020

Strength Your Muscle 💪 Our abs electric muscle toner with 3 pads, can be used together to train your muscle, one for training 6-packs abs, two for training arms or legs. It feels exactly like when you’re doing a crunch of biceps and triceps, your muscle contracts and feel like working out on the gym. Combining small amount of exercise, feel confident and getting a good shape for your muscles.
LATEST EMS TECH 💪 Our abdomen muscle trainer equipment is designed with EMS Tech, EMS through current stimulation, directly send a signal to muscles and promote muscle movement. You can feel activating the muscle groups while this device working out, help with getting your abs in shape. Get the six-packs abs now!
Give You Massage Feeling 💪 Lancs ems exercise machine not only can exercise your abdomen, arms, legs, back, but also relives muscle stress and pain. Use the lower program to massage your muscle, it is very comfortable.It is suitable for both women and men, strengthen the muscle you like.
Different Modes Can Be Adjusted 💪 This abs workout trainer provide 6 modes 9 intensity to meet your different training needs, the device itself is very intuitive and easy to use. Be careful not to go to high to fast, cause it may looks small, but is very strong. Trying this for the first time, try it on low and then work your way up. Use it every day for 20 minutes, get rid of the fat.
A Lazy Exercise Way 💪 LANCS fitness muscle belt is designed for no time workout person, it is a very passive experience and can be done while watching television, lounging, working, house work or just chilling. Arm training belt can effective exercise your muscle, will not get rock hard abs. When you on the couch, you can use this device, and could feel the difference in your muscle activity after you took it off.

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