Large Silk Rug 12×18 Blue Handmade Medallion Traditional Vintage Floral Silk Area Rug for Living Room

Price: $18,899.00

Yuchen Carpet are four generations of family expertise. With our roots established in past merchant trading and manufacturing, and our present firmly entrenched in the innovation of e-commerce We produce and export handmade carpet for 16 years. We specialise in hand knotted carpet with silk. We exported high quality hand knotted silk rugs exceed USD 40000000 to over 62 countries in the world per year. We aim to meet the consumers’ needs through customer service and the quality of our products.
1> Get Your Royal Handmade Carpet from Yuchen Rug Manufacture! Yuchen Rug specialise in hand knotted rug with silk.
2>100% hand knotted Silk Carpet, with double knots, made in natural silk with top excellent fine quality.All Handmade Silk Rugs we carry is authentic, original, guaranteed one-off masterpiece which will live in your family for generations
3> Approx. 576 knots per square inch, A Handmade Silk Carpet is becoming more difficult to find. It is a versatile piece that could easily blend in with modern color palettes.It would also be the perfect antique rug for a Boho chic room where it will add a vibrant color. The silk carpet be the perfect way to define a contemporary space.
4> Size: 12ft x 18ft ( 366cm x 550cm ), Taken 13-14 months to weave this exceptional rug by our talented artisans.The detail of this magnificent Silk Carpet creates a sense of elegance that makes it standout as a masterful work of textile art.It takes its place in collections as a unique piece that reflects the traditions and culture of a people who created it.
5> Blue Silk Rug – It is woven in Chinese silk which is the finest quality of silk and has produced in China.This opulent masterpiece is both enigmatic and cheerful in its artistic brilliance, and it is sure to add an unforgettable beauty to any interior design space.
6>If you appreciate the quality of finely handmade rugs and are looking for a luxurious rug for your home, this hand woven Silk Rug will be hard to beat.,
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