Life Fitness Left Rocker Casting Kit with Pulleys GK69-00002-0004 Works Elliptical

Price: $410.99

Part #: GK69-00002-0004

Used on the following models:

Life Fitness
95X Elevation – 95X-ALLXX-01 (SN XTM100000-XTM116783)
95X Elevation – 95X-ALLXX-02 (SN XTM100000-XTM116783)
95X Elevation – 95X-ALLXX-03 (After SN XTM116784)
95X Elevation – 95X-ALLXX-04 (XHT)
95X Elevation – Discover Base PCSXS-XXXXX-XX07 – Arctic Silver (AXS)
95X Elevation – Discover Baser 95X-ALLXX-06 – Arctic Silver (XAX)

Part#: GK69-00002-0004
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