Lucasi Hybrid 11.75mm Zero Flex Slim Technology Pool Shaft, Black Collar, Uni-loc Pin

Price: $375.70

Supercharge your game with Lucasi Hybrid technology. Turn your cue into a technology powerhouse by adding an 11.75mm Zero Flex Slim Shaft from Lucasi Hybrid. You’ll instantly get all the high-performance benefits of Hybrid, while keeping the butt, joint and grip you love You’ll immediately experience dead-on accuracy; unheard-of ball control; a much smoother stroke; and a more powerful, solid hit. Feel the Rush of Winning with Lucasi. Go SlimZero Flex Slim Shaft TechnologyGo Slim Not content to stop at just one shaft, Lucasi’s engineers took it a step further with the 11.75mm Zero Flex Slim shaft. This super slimline shaft has the same eight-piece radial Total Sweet Spot Construction and premium Kamui Pro 10 layer tip as the Zero Flexpoint, but with an even lighter front end and slimmer taper. What does this get you? Even more accuracy and lower deflection, more action, and a wider playing field on the ball for even more forgiveness with every shot. This is a true-to-aim shaft-just line your shot up and fire-you won’t have to worry about deflection or negative feedback. All you have to concentrate on is your winning shot.Zero Flexpoint Ferrule1/2″ ferrule made out of a special polymer with light weight core drastically reduces front-end shaft weight, for dramatically lower cue ball deflection and a more dead-on accurate shot. Total Sweet Spot ConstructionTotal Sweet Spot Construction (TSC) eight-piece radial construction extends the sweet spot throughout the entire cue shaft, transferring your energy into unmatched power and ultimate control. Kamui Pro Leather TipTen layers of the highest quality pigskin leather are cut to a uniform thickness and checked for hardness, then laminated together using a special vacuum-sealing process to create a tip with a uniform response – giving you more feel and feedback in every stroke, dramatically reduced deflection, maximum control and consistency.
1/2″ Zero Flexpoint low deflection ferrule is engineered to be drastically lighter than standard – giving you pinpoint accuracy with solid feedback on every shot
Total Sweet Spot eight-piece radial construction extends the sweet spot throughout the entire cue for unmatched power and ultimate control
Full professional taper for a smooth stroke
Lifetime warranty, even against warpage

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