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Rejuvenate, Revitalize, and Restore Your Ping Pong Paddles Back To Life with MightySpin’s Paddle Care Kit

Paddle care kitPaddle care kit

The game of ping pong is one of the most exciting and skillful sports in the world, with master-level players battling for every point with agility and speed that most athletes could never imagine. And the most important piece of equipment for any ping pong player is, of course, the paddle. That’s why we created the MightySpin Ping Pong Paddle Care Kit, a premium cleaner that protects and maintains your paddle investment.

Product Inclusions:

MightySpin Ping Pong Paddle Care KitSpecially-formulated Rubber CleanerSponge with soft and ‘squeegee’ dense side

Paddle CleanerPaddle Cleaner

Keep Ahead of the Pack – Always Be Ready to Play!

At MightySpin, we recognize your paddle is your most important asset so we want to help you maintain it in top condition all the time. Just like you have to wash your clothes after you wear them, you need to clean your paddle after each play session to remove dirt, oil and other debris.

A must for serious player!

Easy Clean and Use!

Simply spray on rubber, 1 squeeze is enough for both sides of the paddle

Spread it out then wipe using foam side of the sponge

Scrub it continuously until it becomes shiny and clean

Use black side of the sponge to wipe remaining residue and dry it out

Put it in your Paddle Protector or Paddle Case to secure

ping pong cleanerping pong cleaner

The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Rubbers

Our rubber cleaner special formulation will keep any paddles always like new and helps avoid frustration when you feel like the ball is not gripping or your spin is reduced. Keep that control and spin from your loops while extending your rubbers life to save tons of money.

Retain the stickiness of your paddleRevive the tackiness of your rubberRemove unwanted dustMaximize your performance – a clean paddle = killer spins!

MightySpin – Made By Ping Pong Lovers, For Ping Pong Lovers

MightySpin Ping Pong Paddle and AccessoriesMightySpin Ping Pong Paddle and Accessories

Get a Little MightySpin in Your Life

We’re all told to follow our passion in life, but then we’re also told to get a job.

I decided to do both, and that’s how MightySpin was born.

My mission with MightySpin is to share my love for ping pong across the whole world, and I do this by offering quality sporting gear, accessories and learning materials at great prices.

When we do something we love, we give it all we’ve got. We work hard and take personal pride in seeing our efforts pay off. Every single one of my MightySpin products reflects my love for table tennis, and each item I sell is designed to up your game and bring out your best side.

So go on, let me help you get a little MightySpin in your life.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‏:‎No
Date First Available‏:‎December 29, 2016

?YOUR PADDLE PARTNER: A dirty paddle isn’t just unsightly – it can make the ball slide right off your bat, potentially causing a weak return stroke or worse, letting it slip away from you
?GENTLE YET EFFECTIVE: Our cleaning kit, with its dual surface sponge, is meant for that crucial coating on your table tennis racket, for safety and integrity. You won’t compromise your paddle’s surface
?KEEP IT CLEAN AND MEAN: Oil and grime build-up on your racquet can interfere with proper racket-to-ball contact. A clean paddle = killer spins! Keep up your game in shape by keeping your paddle clean
?PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: Serious players like you know that dirty rubber is rubber that wears out more quickly. Save yourself the hassle of replacing it by keeping what you’ve got in tip top form – just like your game
?EQUIPMENT FOR THE LONG TERM: When you take care of your equipment, it takes care of you! Keep your paddle in top condition for that edge over your opponents

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