MOBVOI HOME TREADMILL PRO: Set Up, Bluetooth, WearOS, Workouts & Maintenance

#MobvoiMOBVOI HOME treadmill PRO: Set Up, Bluetooth, WearOS, Workouts & Maintenance Home treadmill Pro – Product Links?

Mobvoi Home treadmill Pro:
Mobvoi Home treadmill:
Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS:

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Mobvoi treadmill PRO Review CHAPTERS:
0:00 – Get on with it
1:11 – Unboxing
1:38 – Setting Up
2:29 – Let’s Get Started!
3:44 – Bluetooth, Music & WearOS
5:12 – Features
7:08 – Summary
8:30 – Maintenance

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About this item:
Compatible with Wearables – Exchange your monitored heart rate, calories burned, pace, and steps between those devices after pairing. You are also able to store, track and share your detailed exercise results via your smartwatch.

Virtual Training Trails – Access multiple virtual training communities to bring an immersive training experience for you. No solitary running anymore.

Running and Walking Modes – With a max speed of 4 km/h in walking mode and 12 km/h in running mode, it can act as either an under-desk walking machine or a running treadmill for heavy exercise.

Foldable Design with Remote Control – Save space by storing the machine under the bed or sofa. Using the remote control or the touch control panel, you can turn on / off the machine or adjust the speed.

Up to 2.25HP Quiet Motor – The powerful 2.25HP motor provides a quiet environment while saving energy. Build a healthy lifestyle without worrying about disturbing others in your home.

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