NIVOK Egg Incubator, Automatic Turning Large Poultry Hatcher,Temperature Control & Automatic Egg Turner,for Chicken, Ducks, Birds & More

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Full Features List
Egg IncubatorFully automatic poultry hatching system; raises fertilized eggs to maturity in roughly 18 to 24 days depending on species.
View windowProvides proper heat insulation, protects eggs, and allows for convenient at-a-glance monitoring.
Rotating ShaftSafely houses and separates eggs during incubation; move to ensure each egg has 2mm of space on each side.
Rotating ShaftGently rotates eggs every 2 hours for even incubation; use control panel to adjust intervals according to your species‘ needs.
LED Control PanelIncludes current temperature display, indicators for heat and settings, and buttons for temperature.
Power CordPlug into standard wall outlet.
User GuideIncludes easy setup instructions and helpful hatching tips.

It can be heated by firewood or coal alone (in the case of power failure, the controller of the incubator can be powered by the battery of the electric vehicle, saving 70% of the incubation cost), or it can be heated by electricity.

Using voltage:110V /220V

Power: 100W, 0.72×0.51× 0.9M, for 176 Pieces Egg Incubator, weight: 30kg;
Power: 150W, 0.72×0.51× 1.1M, for 352 Pieces Egg Incubator, weight: 40kg;
Power: 150W, 0.95×0.67× 1M, for 528 Pieces Egg Incubator, weight: 70kg;
Power: 200W,95×0.67× 1.35M, for 1056 Pieces Egg Incubator, weight: 125kg;
THE INTELLIGENT INCUBATOR: special temperature fan is matched with the automatic heating system, the temperature control is more efficient, more balanced, high-quality egg turning system, pure copper motor, egg turning angle can reach 90 degrees, stable performance, longer life
MICROCOMPUTER INTELLIGENT INCUBATOR SPECIAL CONTROLLER: adopts double-row digital operation display screen, with intelligent control of temperature and humidity, ventilation, timing egg turning and alarm functions, as well as detection function and fault prompt function, which is more convenient to use.
INTELLIGENT SEVEN-SCREEN DUAL CONTROL SYSTEM: Interpretation of the intelligent dual control system. When the main control system fails and cannot continue to work, the system automatically starts the secondary control system and continues to work to ensure safe incubation and avoid unnecessary losses, and the new upgrade of the system monitors the restart system as the value After the safety range is exceeded, it will automatically restore to the factory settings to ensure the incubation proces
AUTOMATIC WATER FEEDING FUNCTION : The automatic water feeding system is designed according to the principle of natural gravity Put one end of the water pipe in the bucket (the bucket should be higher than the small hole at the bottom of the machine) and the other end is connected to the ball valve of the water pan. Due to the principle of gravity, the water will slowly flow out. When the water is full, the water valve will automatically float to achieve full water Stop function. upgraded Safety
DUAL-PURPOSE COAL AND ELECTRICITY: This intelligent industrial incubator is a dual-purpose heat supply for coal and electricity. When there is a power outage, fill the heating pot with hot water. Connect the two ends of the water pipe to the spout and the humidification water tray. Heating can be achieved by heating on artificial heat sources such as briquettes, which is convenient and guaranteed.

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