Ober CP-S2 Compact Treadmill Demo and Impressions

I was looking for a compact treadmill that wouldn’t take up too much space in my new basement office. This one seemed like a good size and it had the highest weight capacity (around 240 lbs) I could find on Amazon for something this size and in this price range. I’m really surprised when I opened the box and found that this is 95% assembled already, and that it was light enough for me to move around the room on my own. Assembly was as easy as swiveling up the display stand, and then screwing in a few screws to hold that stand and display upright. I didn’t need to oil the mat either as the instructions say it comes pre-oiled…and if you’re a light user, you only need to oil it 1 time each year (oil/lubricant is included). Upon plugging it in, i quickly discovered this modestly priced treadmill has several preset modes and incline adjustments. These are usually found in higher priced models. The treadmill operates quietly and didn’t exhibit any creaks when walking on it. It also doesn’t take up much space, which is important to me as I can keep it next to my work desk so I can hop on and off as needed. There are 2 good sized cup holder/cubbies as well on the top. The only thing I wish was that the power cord would come out of the rear instead of the front, because I don’t like facing the wall when I walk. However, this may be a standard, because my much more expensive Proform treadmill is designed the same way with the power coming out of the front. Its no big deal, just make sure you have an outlet or adequate extension cord to connect the power from the front.

Check it out on Amazon (affiliate): https://amzn.to/2Weo1qx

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