Osleek Ping Pong Paddle Set – 4 Rackets 8 Balls Professional/Recreational Table Tennis Bundle | Durable 5 Layer Blade, Performance Rubber for Control, Spin & Speed | Packed in Protective Travel Case

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Product Description

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Welcome to Olseek – A brand that takes pride in creating products that are built to last.

Part of our product categories is Sport Games. Our Ping Pong sets are always crafted from the best quality materials and the outmost diligent attention to detail. Your satisfaction is all that matters. Our sport products are designed to fit a wide array of players, from the first time user to professional players.

We hope you enjoy shopping with Osleek and that we can continue serving you years to come.

Osleek 4-Player Pingpong Set

osleek ping pong ballsosleek ping pong balls


Everything you need for the complete Table Tennis experience.

osleek ping pong racketosleek ping pong racket


We designed the perfect all around paddle to fit every player, from beginner to pro.

These paddles cater to every type of players. Learn to play like a pro in no time.

Discover new serves and strokes that other paddles with low control cannot accomplish.

The main attributes of our paddles are: Control, Spin and Speed.

These attributes will help you land shots better and improve your skill with ever game you play.

osleek durable bladeosleek durable blade


5-Layers of wood is the perfect balance between weight and durability.

It is the best choice for all-round players.

osleek ping pong paddleosleek ping pong paddle


We use 1.0mm rubber to give the player extreme control over the ball and provide the best accuracy and spin possible. This size rubber is most common amongst most professional players.

osleek ping pong setosleek ping pong set


Table Tennis rubbers can vary between pimples in and pimples out

Pimples out are suitable for more defensive style of player. They can also help you return attacking / offensive shots with unusual spins.

Pimples In or (Reveres rubber) is by far the most popular as it allows a complete range of strokes to be played unlike the pimples out that only allows for defensive strokes.

Designed for Control and Speed in mind.
Comfortable and easy to swing lightweight flared blade designed for long game sessions.
Strong Anti-Slip Handle design.
4 paddles and 8 balls portable top quality table tennis protective carry bag with plastic sockets to secure and hold the paddles and balls.
Family bundle suitable for 2-4 players. Ideal set for advanced and recreational players.

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