PowerNet 2.8″ German Marquez Weighted Hitting Batting Training Balls (6 Pack) | 12 to 20 oz | Build Strength and Muscle | Improve Technique and Form | Baseball Size

Price: $127.98 - $39.99

PowerNet Weighted Hitting and Batting Training Balls are created to help develop hitters to drive the barrel through the ball with complete follow-through. The ball weight assists in muscle memory development and provides instant feedback on every contact swing. Instantly know square hits versus mis-hits. The ball carries a limited flight allowing full swings in limited space and without hitting nets. As the hitter gains strength and their swing begins to easily accelerate through one weight, they can advance to the next weight class. Also great for slow, warm-up tosses before throwing a real baseball or softball. Sold in a Pack of (6) Balls: Ball Size: 2.8″
BUILD PROPER TECHNIQUE; PowerNet’s progressive weight system builds on technique development; Start with the light ball and increase weight and resistance to the heavy ball; The Weighted Training Balls make sure that you are building the proper follow through on your batting and throwing technique; Use for both batting and throwing technique development for the hardest hits and throws
WARM UP AND COOL DOWN AID; Use this training aid to warm and loosen up before a game or incorporate into your post game cool down routine
HIGHLY DURABLE; Durable thick, pliable plastic cover designed for years of hard hits and throws; Withstands consistent reps
IMPROVE POWER; Develop muscle groups specific to batter and pitcher movements; Strengthen your swings and throws; Choose a comfortable weight to begin; Each pack comes with 6 balls, all the same weight of your choice; Ball weights include: 12, 14, 16, 18 or 20 oz
USED & ENDORSED BY PRO PLAYERS; Andrelton Simmons, Jared Walsh and German Marquez

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