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This is the latest model of the ProForm Carbon T10 which has been updated for 2023. Overall, this is an affordable, lightweight, and compact treadmill. We love that it is enabled with iFit on the 10” touch screen. iFit isn’t required to use, but it comes free for the first month. We definitely recommend checking it out. With a subscription, you’ll have access to all of the content on the screen and be able to utilize all of the Carbon T10’s features.

For training, we recommend the T10 be used primarily for walking and jogging. It can handle some running but the 2.75 CHP motor isn’t best for extensive training. Long-distance running and use at high speeds aren’t the best for this motor, in order for it to last. Interval training and moderate use are more appropriate for this model. The motor makes a fair amount of noise. It isn’t excessive, but it isn’t the quietest we’ve tested either.

The deck is 20” x 55”. This deck size might not work for some users, especially if you have a long running stride or like a bit more room to run on. For most though this size should work for walking and jogging. The cushioning is comfortable and provides nice shock absorption for your joints.

The ProForm Carbon T10 is compact and foldable. This makes it appealing for those who have a small amount of space for a treadmill. The deck folds and unfolds and the transportation wheels make this treadmill fairly easy to move. The folding mechanism is manual, however. This means that you must lift and lower the deck yourself. There is no hydraulic assistance. So, once that deck becomes unlocked you have to lower it yourself otherwise it will crash to the ground and most likely damage the treadmill and/or your floor and even you. Please use caution when folding to avoid this.

Another update we noticed to the design, is the hinge/folding mechanism of the deck at the bottom of the motor hood. It is the most visible when the deck is folded and inclined. When folded, the motor hood remains parallel to the floor. This allows the deck to be folded up to almost 90 degrees, which really saves a lot of space.

Overall, we are pleased with the new 2023 ProForm Carbon T10 treadmill and think that it is a nice budget, compact option.

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15:57 – Larger User Walking/Running Demo
17:00 – Conclusion

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