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Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer

Price: $2,217.00

The E55’s console includes a vibrant LCD display and an integrated sound system. Offering a similar design to the Sole E35 but with a larger display and heavier flywheel, the E55 elliptical trainer offers all the features of a health club model in a machine that fits comfortably in your home. The E55 is equipped with a heavy 27-pound flywheel, a high gear ratio not found on most comparable models, and a whisper-quiet drive system. As a result, the trainer delivers an extremely fluid performance and plenty of top-end resistance, helping it function like a much more expensive trainer. The E55’s power incline feature, meanwhile, boosts resistance even more while targeting different core muscle groups, adding diversity to your workout. Simply press a button to raise the incline ramp to your preferred position. The ramp angle is fully adjustable from a level plane up to 40 degrees, so you can individually target and work all major lower body muscles. The E55 makes it easy to track your workout progress via the vibrant 7.5-inch blue LCD display, which includes windows for resistance, incline, time, distance, calories burned, pulse, and pace. The console also offers a number of handy amenities, including built-in speakers for listening to your iPod or MP3 player, built-in cooling fans, and a water bottle holder.
The E55 comes complete with two heart-rate-controlled workout options, so you can customize the workout specifically to your needs. Throughout your HR workout, the elliptical will display a heart rate zone graph on the console while adjusting the resistance to keep you in your target zone (the trainer includes a wireless chest strap that touts a 99.9 percent accuracy rating).

The E55 offers an adjustable pedals so that you can angle the pedal from heel-to-toe for a comfortable feel. The remainder of the time, you can challenge yourself with the six automatic programs or two customizable programs.
To encourage a more comfortable workout, Sole added oversized, custom-designed foot pedals to the E55. Designed in collaboration with a leading physical therapist and sports enthusiast, the pedals feature a 2-degree inward slope, helping reduce the ankle and knee stress that’s common in other elliptical machines. This collaboration also produced a revolutionary foot pedal adjustment system not found on any other elliptical brand. Sole knows that not everyone walks the same way, so the company’s engineers designed the E55 to adjust to your gait via a dial mechanism. This allows you to set the pedal angle from heel to toe, with 10 total choices. The feature also reduces the numb toe effects and sore Achilles tendons common on other elliptical machines.
Additional features include a pair of stationary handlebars with built-in pulse sensors; adjustable incline and resistance controls built into the arms; and 20 resistance levels.

  • Flywheel: 27 pounds
  • Front drive: Yes
  • Stride length: 20 inches
  • Resistance type: Eddy Current Braking
  • Resistance levels: 20
  • Adjustable pedals: Yes, 10 positions
  • Upper body: Yes
  • Handgrip: Standard
  • HGP: Yes
  • Telemetry belt: Yes
  • Heart rate control: Yes
  • Power incline: Yes
  • Display: 7.5-inch blue backlit LCD
  • Data: Time, distance, calories, resistance levels, incline, pulse, pace
  • Profile matrix: Yes
  • Standard programs: 6
  • User-defined programs: 2
  • Heart rate programs: 2, with chest strap
  • Built-in cooling fans: Yes
  • Water bottle/accessory holders: Yes
  • Maximum Capacity: 375 pounds
  • Product Weight: 200 pounds

Manufacturer’s Warranty
Lifetime on frame; 5 years on parts and electronics; 2 years on labor
About Sole Elliptical Trainers
The perfect elliptical trainer should

combine both natural human movement and exercise effectively to simulate the suitable pattern your foot travels during a smooth, continuous, elliptical motion that is comfortable the entire time. Sole has included an incline function on every elliptical model which will target key muscle groups and enhance the options available for your workout. This addition is provided with no additional cost on the products:

  • Convenient Controls: Adjustable incline and resistance controls built into the arms make it easy to change your workout without ever moving your hands.
    • Adjustable Foot Pedals: These unique foot pedals were developed in collaboration with a leading physical therapist. Together, with Sole engineers, a design was created featuring a 2-degree inward slope to the foot pedals to help reduce ankle and knee stress common in other elliptical machines. This collaboration produced a revolutionary foot pedal angle adjustment not found on any other elliptical at any price. Not everyone walks the same way; so for this reason Sole has made the pedals adjustable to fit the way you walk. This feature also reduces the numb toe effect and sore Achilles tendons.
      • Smooth Whisper Drive System: Smooth natural motion is provided by a whisper quiet drive system. The combination of a heavy flywheel and a high gear ratio means an easy feel with plenty of resistance that will provide a challenging workout with the smoothest motion on the market.
        • Sound System: Sole has an integrated sound system with MP3 player compatible sound cord which enables you to play any audio device with a headphone jack to play through the elliptical trainer’s speakers.

Power incline feature adds resistance while targeting different muscle groups
Vibrant 7.5-inch blue LCD display tracks time, distance, calories, resistance. incline, pulse, and pace
Integrated sound system; oversized, custom-designed foot pedals
Built-in cooling fans; 375-pound capacity; 200-pound product weight
Footprint measures 82 by 27 inches
Features ten programs; pedals adjust to ten positions
Warranty: Lifetime on frame, five years on parts and electronics, two years on labor

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