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HIGH ELASTICITY-SWIDII Pickleball Paddles adopt high-end shaping technology to realize the unique advanced graphite surface, that makes well-balanced, quick responsive, lower sounds. And you can pick up the pickle ball in a “POP” exciting sounds. The outstanding of this pickleball paddle is to kill the pickleball balls as much as you like without fatigue to run around like badminton and tennis. This pickle ball game is a great sport for schools, community centers, athletic clubs, and YMCAs.
SWEET SPOT- SWIDII Pickleball Paddles is made of premium PP honey comb, which is 3 times standing power than competitors’ pickleball paddle. In additional, the pickleball paddles outline has been reinforced, that achieve an average force surface to enable you smartly pick up the pickleball balls handsomely and accurately without dead spot. This is a awesome pickleball set for family,friends,players, whatever pickleball begginer, Interediate or Professional pickleball paddles pickler.
CUSHION HIT-SWIDII Pickleball Paddles have optimized internal structure, when you hold the pickleball paddle, the pickleball paddles will give you greater control when shaping your shots. You can Also hit the pickleball balls a little harder with more control,with ideal levels of strength and stiffness of 7.5 oz lightweight.
PATENTED HANDLE-SWIDII Pickleball paddles come with a patented reinforced wide handle, very sturdy and have a great finish with a soft cushion leather grip in nice touch. When the pickleball paddles hitting the pickleball balls and the grip is great, and you’re not feeling a lot of vibration, thus your elbow are not hurting like it was with other pickleball rackets.
The Pickleball Paddles comes with the pickleball accessories as 1st product picture. Some with pickleball balls indoor or outdoor, some have pickleball paddles covers, some have pickleball paddles net bag, some have pickleball grips. You can message us on our official website for extra gift accessories demands.

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