Swimming Pool Automatic Sewage Suction Machine Pool Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner Suitable for All Kinds of Swimming Pools,Yellow

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routine maintenance 1. Rinse the entire unit after use 2. Thoroughly clean the filter after each use, so as not to block the filter and reduce the use efficiency. 3. Loosen the knotted wiring after each use. The minimum knotting should be guaranteed under normal operation conditions. It is best to straighten the wiring. Broad product parameters. technical parameter: Calculated ground speed: 900m/hr Calculated scan rate: 350m*/hr Suction rate (in automatic control) : 18000L/H power supply: Input: 230VAC Output: 30VDC Output rate: 230VAC-150W Wireless remote control system: adjustable program control Manual remote control program Teleport: 50m filter bag: Filter area: 7750cm* Transmittance: 50 microns 90% Electronic controller: Power consumption: 90watts Voltage: 25VDC Current: 3. 5AMP Waterproof grade: IP68 motor: Solid State Electronic CNC Motor S. MD.40 microcomputer host self-monitoring stop on its own size: Weight: 11kg (without cable and pusher Cable length: 30m
[High Strength Cleaning Brush]Magic Wheel For, Slip Floor Pool, Pvc Wheel Brush For Slip Floor Pool Combination Brushes Are Suitable For All Pool Terrains.
[High Density Filtration]Superfine Pores And Filter Bags Are Coarse And Fine Debris And Dust.
[Remote Control]Easy-To-Use Radio Remote Control Allows You To Instruct The Automatic Mechanical Cleaner To Work.
[Super Clean]The Swimming Pool Does Not Need To Be Drained, Making Your Swimming Pool Crystal Clear.
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Efficiency : A

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