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The EFX 5.25 Elliptical Fitness Cross Trainer – A Single Investment For Multiple Benefits

The Precor elliptical Trainers are established brands in the fitness equipment industry. Slightly higher priced, their fitness machines deliver maximum performance and superior efficiency. The EFX 5.25 elliptical Trainer from Precor is professional quality fitness equipment that incorporates the patented CrossRamp technology. With EFX 5.25 machine a complete workout for every muscle group is possible with its innovative features. The key features that differentiate this equipment are,

o CrossRamp Technology: The Cross trainer ramp (CrossRamp) angle adjusts 15 to 25 degrees altering the height of the elliptical path that enables to focus on specific muscle groups. The result is a total workout for both upper and lower body muscles.

o Resistance: The 16 levels of electromagnetic resistance help to build muscle strength and stamina during the exercise.

o Programs: There are 8 built-in preset programs comprising Fat burner, Heart rate control, Hill climb, Gluteals, Cross training, Interval, Manual and Weight loss.

o Handlebars: The ergonomic moving handlebars help to maintain a comfortable posture during the workout.

o The Console: The console is easy to read and the backlit LCD display shows the time, calories burnt, heart rate, program to help to monitor the workout progress.

o Locking Pin: The foot pedals are provided with locking pins to prevent movement when the machine is not in use.

o User IDs: Two user IDs allows to store personal information and to retrieve it for future workouts.

o Accessories: There is storage shelf for water bottle and portable music player.

o Warranty: The Company provides life time warranty on frame and welds, 10 years on parts and wears items and 1 year on labor.

The EFX5.25 elliptical Fitness Cross Trainer is considered to be a solid machine from the reputed brand leader, Precor. Though Precor advises a professional assembly of the machine, it can be assembled by the customer himself with a few hours of time and necessary tools. Another negative factor is the high price but when considering the benefit from the investment this may not be a problem to most of the exercise conscious peoples.

Why elliptical Trainers?

The elliptical exercise machines are widely used nowadays owing to their ease of use and comfort. It is safer than any other fitness equipment because the feet are always in constant contact with the surface. While doing a workout on an elliptical machine, both upper and lower body get maximum exercise because of the elliptical motion. Those people including older people with back ache, joint pains, body pains find it more comfortable than using a running or jogging machine.

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