Trail Running along Middle Fork Trail – 4K Virtual Forest Run for Treadmill Workout (Nature Sounds)

Make your way to the great shape, health and wellness with this 4K outdoor exercise video! Get energized by the inexhaustible vital power of Nature! Wind up miles on the treadmill being immersed in the live ambience of the pristine forest. Imagine how you breathe in the fresh air, smell delicious aromas, listen to the birds and cicadas singing somewhere in the thickets. Follow the rhythm of the footsteps you hear, if it is comfortable for you. Shadows and sunbeams, twists and turns, countless different plants succeed each other as you run faster and faster towards the wonderful woodland scenery flashing by. We wish that your enthusiasm for sports will never brake!

Video from: Middle Fork Trail, Snoqualmie area, Washington State
Video resolution: 4K UHD
Equipment used: Panasonic GH5
Video type: Outdoor Exercise Video
Executive producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc
Cinematographer: Roman Khomlyak
Assitant: Viktor Hrechylo
Editor and colorist: Mykhailo Feshchak
Supervising editor: Oleksandr Diakov
Location scout: Svitlana Baranova
Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard, and challenging work.

Nature is a plentiful source of inspiration! Join us to run the woods, be optimistic and believe in your success!

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