Treadmill vs. Elliptical #shorts

If you have MS and are wondering if the treadmill is better or worse than the elliptical ????‍♀️, listen up:

The treadmill is the MOST functional because it requires you lift your leg without assistance ????, which is similar to real life situations when walking in our home and outdoors.

It also allows you to swing your arms, if you’re able to do so safely ????????, which is also a real life situation (if you’re not using a rollator).

The elliptical is LESS functional because the foot plates assist in lifting your leg, ☝????HOWEVER that can make it easier and a great stepping stone to using a treadmill.

???? My advice that I give to my MSing Link members and 1:1 clients =

???????? If you’re able to walk on a treadmill – do it.

???????? If that’s too challenging, start with the elliptical and work your way to a treadmill.

At the end of the day, the best one for YOU is going to be whatever is safest and most doable for you ❤️.

Comment below ⬇️ to let me know if you prefer the treadmill or elliptical… or neither ????

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