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TRUE heritage and engineering come together to provide your facility with the TRUE Stryker Slat treadmill. The Stryker Slat treadmill features a running surface of vulcanized rubber slats that are more durable and require less maintenance than the conventional conveyor belt system of traditional treadmills.

The individual shock-absorbing slats of the Stryker Slat treadmill provide a running surface closer to the natural feel of outdoor running for those looking for a more realistic training experience. And, unlike standard treadmill belts, there is no lubrication needed!

Engineered and built to withstand the demands of your facility, the Stryker provides excellent durability thanks to its robust TRUE design and premium components. With individual shock-absorbing slats to reduce impact to joints, muscles, and connective tissue, the TRUE Stryker Slat treadmill provides a closer feel to outdoor running. The hoodless design allows users of all sizes to utilize the full running surface with their natural gait pattern.

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